pavleisdead – Liebestod

Artist: pavleisdead
title: Liebestod
keywords: experimental abstract hip-hop ambient drone noise underground hip hop Augsburg
label: Attenuation Circuit

Oh yes, when you hear this stuff you don’t want to hear any other music of the rapper kind again. Son ov Abyss is one of these tunes that gets all fat and glorious; perfecting its experimental nastiness until your ears want to flip themselves backwards. Super thick sounds, electronic blasts, big massive kicks and snares & even a 911 call turns into a spicy instrumental instrument on this bombastic fire ball of ball-tactic music! The voices are the only ones heavy enough to take on these electronics, and the massiveness of them all together will leave the earth and your ears shocked in a very good way!

And it ain’t over yet! Oh no this album is a total off killer – killer! It’s like a fight between producers who is able to produce the fattest one! And wow! My ears are drilled and thrilled by the m#therf#cker that is RBBRFCKR! Son of a b#tch! This tune is so graphic and mashing that it left my ears (and even my nose!) bleeding from pure thrill! This is the kind of music that we all need to bleed for; the buzzing nastiness of the gruesome bass is rocking so hard in such a tightness that it’s like probably harder than a car crash into a brick wall! The words are the ones driving this sound, something full of naughty words used to ride the music like true warriors ready to revenge on the unfaithful sl#ts. Heaviness but freaking good!

Then the fun starts when it all becomes a little crazy. This is ‘Maybe…’ Which is short but enough in length to form a moment of comical relief. Not that it was comedic, but as it is placed between these heavy friends on this album, it actually felt a bit like it. I’m sure on its own it would have been a different story.

Then ‘Idyll Worship’ which sounds dark and grim, a bit more muffled with deep bass to feed all the explicit content that is coming out of these mouths captured on this track over here. It seems like people are getting sacrificed in painful ways, perhaps in the theme of ‘burning bridges’. The lyrics are almost like dark poetic material shot out like spits of hate…

The last track on the album is another positive one named ‘Kill-her’ which of course feels like the final stabs of anger that is being expressed under a fantastic wall of electronic violent sounding thickness. It’s so underground that lava might boil up creating earthquakes as this tune escapes the speakers; this is like ‘take no prisoners’ material, slaughtering all that is left of the madness and the relief that this super fat exposure of thickness gives is very relieving. All hail the nastiness as damn it’s hate is feeling oh so good! If I had to describe the sound on this album in two words it would definitely be ‘Holy Shit!’

You must, must hear this:

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