Mikie Mayo as “Meezus” – Prayer Hand Emoji

artist: Mikie Mayo as “Meezus”
title: Prayer Hand Emoji
keywords: emo rap self love opera dedicated to Kanye West
artist on the web: https://soundcloud.com/mikie-mayo/set

Most people have something to believe in, it can be anything, from a Greek god to the theory that the earth is flat. Aside from all the external things to believe in, most people believe apparently in them selves. Also ….. seems to have established this relief system, solidly relying on his own faith and referring to himself as the prayer emoticon.

Parts of his religion is of course his parents, who he thanks gracefully for all the good things they had brought him; his life doesn’t seem to be unimportant as one of the things they had been responsible for. But he is also grateful for other things, and as a self made icon we should be kinda glad for him too; as without his believe in himself system it would be doubtful that he could do the things that he did, do and does.

Now he raps, he dances, he praises himself in Jesus on the cross position and it’s all captured on video with the music set underneath it. And thanks to digital modernity we can peek in and see and hear the religious cult icon performing his song underneath this blurb of a text:


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