Jointriders – shake it Mo Fo !

Artist: Jointriders
title: shake it Mo Fo !
keywords: electronic, punk, video, animation, beats,
words by: an obvious joint rider

When tele-transporters from Startrek series are still not locally available for anyone, and flying broomsticks are outdated and the classic ones simply refuse to lift off, its a blessing that there are large flying pleasure sticks around. You roll them up with earth’s dearest herb and sit on them alone or with another traveler that wants to fly your way. No bus trip, train expedition or an airplane, parachute would give as much satisfaction as this kind of transportation as in no time you’ll be flying high through all the aspects of life, laughing your way through time and eliminating your frenemies along the way. Wishing them well with sweet phrases like doing a number 2 on their cocks, and a number 1 in their ears…

This kind of public transportation is one that is quite a bit underrated, yet scientists have proven that it can defeat the boundaries of time and space, cure physical pains and mental illnesses, and will make everything funny along the way. A good flight will make a unforgettable impression; once I saw a giraffe with an iron tube spraying flowers out of its ass, enough reason to just know that the sight of traveling like a true joint-adventure adventurer is unlike any other form of exportation: this is worth the flight and the sight!

Even the smoke from the transportation unit is smelling nicely, spreading an odor of socks, love and peace wherever the flight goes, it somehow screws up the bad comedians, idiots in small cars and ex-presidents into flat asphalt decorations. It turns full pinky heads into dancing empty punky ones. Will make you speed up like an egg in a sport-car and shoves a whole load of middle fingers to all who deserves a poke. Flying on a traveling blessing even secures ex boyfriend’s external organs as canons on tanks, while head rolling dogs keep a close distance to smell the saucy sausage.

This probably doesn’t make much sense, but once you too become a rider you’ll understand… Nothing makes sense and everything does! Who wants to travel by feet, by parachute or by camel if there is this kind of special transportation around?

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