Safir Nòu – Groundless

artist: Safir Nòu
title: Groundless
format: CD / Digital
keywords: acoustic acoustic guitar cinematic jazz world music Cagliari

Safir Nòu brings us ‘Groundless’ a complete work that would easily be digested by the community of united daydreamers. The music is easy going, very relaxed and friendly. There is no need to feel uptight and dress formal; if this was clothes it would be sloppy pajamas, throw-over-dresses or floppy trousers. Not that the music is sloppy or uncared for; no its as if the music would just come in like a helping hand, seats you down in total comfort, shows its love and care while you just relax and fade away at your most chill.

The music takes care of everything, sophisticated beauty with loving melodies coming from pretty guitar, super warm sounding string sections that are the most welcomed care-takers for all who deserve a bit of a break. Even when working ‘Groundless’ could come in handy, relaxing your shoulders and mind, secretly lifting your thoughts away from the hectic stress into a fine lala land in which they didn’t even invented the word ‘worry’. But if a boss came in to check if you are actually still working hard, you can easily proof that with the nicely moving drums ‘’working’ is suddenly a much more enjoyable experience. It’s up to you to feel that energy and use it in any way that you like, but it for sure gives off a very pleasant good vibe.

‘Groundless’ is probably referring to that the music is up in the air, nicely removing you from the drag of gravity as your mind will follow into these 7 wonderful compositions. It’s in fact the most pleasant kidnap scenario that a person could imagine to experience. Who doesn’t want to take away the mind by Safir Nòu’s pleasant wonders? It’s coming from such a good place, a kind and loving heart that wants to clearly share it with all the lovely people who deserve it. Especially when you realize that the album can be bought on a limited edition CD, but also downloaded for a price that you could afford. (0 is even an option, really convincing me that this album is an exchange of good karma then someone who is out for materialistic nonsense)

What do you want to read more? Safir Nòu’s Groundless is a lovely help, a wonderful loving release that will certainly get you through the day, an angel in compositional forms. Come and lets fly away by listening to this wonderful album:

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