VENTA PROTESIX – Hello Kitty Box Cutter For Emasculation

title: Hello Kitty Box Cutter For Emasculation
keywords: experimental italy electronic insane laptop noise Lisbon
label: Urubu tapes

Ah, The hills are alive with the sound of music… This time these hills might be strapped into an electric chair getting a shot after another shot of electric voltage through its connection points. These hills might have passed on but because the shocks keep on shocking, they still move with every newly induced electrifying voltage shock.

This is the punishment as generated by VENTA PROTESIX, Genital Nullification that just keeps going for at least 8 minutes, giving life and taking it away at the same time. If you aren’t a Hill strapped on an electric chair with this artist pulling the switch over and over again; it is still possible to experience without the actual electro shocks and discomfort. Still the audio version might be harmless for the health; the ears might actually be damaged so in the end it still comes across as some kind of electronic torture.

But don’t worry if that isn’t your think you can always still attend the ‘Chloroform Disco’,
it’s less repetitive in the shocking department, yet it still will drive disco-goers to the borders of mental instability. The collection of sounds are wild, as if the chloroform has been replaced by clown toys equipped with sharp knives, and robotized machinery that isn’t for the faint hearted popsicle swallowing disco crowd. Or perhaps they can still attend, but put the popsicles in each ear for protection.

Susukino Soapland Violence (with 佐藤アメル) is a bit more secluded, focusing more on higher bleeps, some R2D2 feelings, a few words, more tones that seem to be generated on the spot like hyper modern ringtones for the future. Wake up calls, incoming messages that will make sure you are able to hear them.

To make sure all parties come out with a fun execution, there is a final work named ‘Pachinko Magic Girl’ which brings out all that there is in order to thrill, kill, liquidate and shoot down anything that is left of a listener’s hearing equipment. But the good thing is, the last things that you will hear is quite fun, very energetic, crazy, enthusiastic and got everything to leave a long lasting impression, which is great if this all had made you deaf.

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