Lerin / Hystad – Moon Jelly

Artists: Lerin / Hystad
Title: Moon Jelly
Keywords: electronic, jazz, post rock, electronica, dance, drum, happy, psychedelic, video
Label: extemporaneous recordings http://www.extemporaneousrecordings.com

Hold your horses! Calm yourself down! The full album by marvelous mavericks’ duo Lerin & Hystad will be out this month! But not yet! I know, I know.. why waiting? Especially at this time when everyone is so in need for the good happy vibes? I guess it’s like a good wine, let it settle for a couple of weeks more for the perfect taste and flavor…

But don’t you worry, you can already pick up a fine dip of these promised good vibes! How? -a brand new music video! It’s for their tune named ‘Moon Jelly’ (doesn’t it sound delicious?) and features Lerin & Hystad making and playing the music that you can hear! A drum-kit, keyboard and so many technical knobs and faders that you feel like you have stumbled upon the cockpit of an mysterious airplane.

The drums are super fun and tight, making a person happy to move in front of the screen while observing it all. On my observation I had came to the conclusion that the drumming vibe provider has the most adorable sweater on… something that really underlines the happy vibes that they are creating over here; these graphics fit it so perfectly!

The dress of the technical electronica controller is also graphic but misses the cute characters, yet it all gets 200 percent compensated by the actual melodic music that she manages to get out of these machines. I have no clue how she does it, but the results are making those images on that sweater come to life, bringing great joy to whoever plugs in and presses play on the embedded video!

The result is that you will probably not be satisfied with the fact that we have to wait a few more days for the release (with this tune!) will be out and about; it’s just too joyful! But please calm down and show some restraint… feel free to play this music video on repeat in the meantime:

Feel free to pre-order the happy album over here:


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