Daniel Crooks – Phantom Ride

Artist: Daniel Crooks
title: Phantom Ride
keywords: Two channel video installation, digital video, sound

Train-rides always seem so nice and wonderful as an idea. Just sit yourself down next to a window and watch the landscapes passing by. In reality however most train rides that I’ve taken aren’t exactly like that. First of all there are always delays, or complete trains that somehow not show up making the one that does show up so incredibly full that there might be not even a seat (not even talking about one next to a window). And even if there has been a lucky day, with lots of space and a perfect seat with a view; the view itself might disappoint; giving you glimpses of green walls, or driving through lots of dark tunnels with no sight at all.

Thing is, trains are everywhere in the world and all rides are different, so it might just be that I’ve never taken the right train to thrill my personal train-desires. But somehow today I found the perfect train ride & one that will always be at our disposal and never seems to have delayed and neither a sucky view along the ride included. It gets even better as for this perfect train ride you don’t even need to move. And if you have to travel by a sucky train, you could perhaps (if internet is available) sit in the train while staring at the view of the other perfect train ride…

That doesn’t make sense perhaps, but if I told you that this train ride is basically an artwork by Daniel Crooks on the internet, then it probably does… But trust me, it’s like the real thing, well.. better than the real thing; a dream train ride of perfection! And thanks to smart editing and thinking you can travel this train with the best possible view! All the way upfront in the driver’s seat while (it’s a miracle!) also being able to look as if you are seated in the back of the track, ready to peek out of the window to comprehend the view of the other side… It’s perfect especially because this dream train goes both ways, making the front the back and the back the front! I told you; this is a train ride of pure perfection!

Daniel Crooks had simply thought about everything and that profits also the train riders with a short attention span. The train ride simply goes smoothly through all these different areas and places, never giving a similar landscape too much time as if we travel through special time holes… I don’t know about you, but I think this must be the best train-ride ever! Destination? –Who cares! It’s all about the trip, the view, the sounds and the best experience… Come join me on this stunning trip:


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