Penny and Ashtray – Petworks

Artist: Penny and Ashtray
Title: Petworks
Cat: 8R041
Keywords: concrete, experimental, low-bit, lobit, 8kpbs
Label: 8Ravens
Reviewer: Leo Obit

Penny and Ashtray from Osaka, Japan is one of those online found acts that puts back the word ‘nation’ in the word fascination. It could have been the other word, but luckily it didn’t.. I mean the artwork, the style, the music.. it’s pretty much like what comedy gold is for comedians but then applied to lovers of the music that borders on the corners of being electric eccentric.

If you are into chipstyle music that is out there to make you dance like a weird version of pac-man; you might want to check out Penny and Ashtray’s ‘Bonus Stage’ which you can read about over here: click click click. But as today it’s not the idealistic day to read about chips as time is short like an appendix; this post is about a one minute release by Penny and Ashtray.

One minute? Yes, one minute. It’s good to spend your minutes wisely but I guess if that’s your way of living you wouldn’t be hanging out on Yeah I Know It Sucks right? In this one minute we can hear what I believe is the musical reenactment of spending playtime with the pet of Penny and Ashtray.

Don’t worry there is no dog barking or a tail wiggling in your face or the smell of wet pet hair in your nose; it’s music. But it does sound like it fits the doggy presented on the release its cover. It’s happy, a bit silly, perhaps even add another layer of sugar on that previously noted silliness and of course it’s one minute well spend. Play it for your pet(s) and see if they like and enjoy it too. If they act like my goldfish, *her one minute fish bowl tango was marvelous* you’ll probably enjoying the ‘Petworks’ by Penny and Ashtray a lot more! Besides its in 8kbps, the secret key to pet success!

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4-4-2 Music – reclaim melody

Artists: 4-4-2 music
Title: reclaim melody
Keywords: alternative, electronic, acousmatic, compilation
Label: 4-4-2 music

This ‘reclaim melody’ is the first release that the 4-4-2 Music label had put out and reading their information text you can be a bit overwhelmed by the nostalgia of the label itself and the good old days that this compilation was given out for free on cd’s and made available on with the message to enjoy and copy it for friends and other loved ones. There is also a nice explanation why it is titled ‘reclaim melody’ and a synopsis would be that the Beatles stole it and 4-4-2 took it back without throwing in melodic overkill. Shall we give it a listen?

Don’t count on the The Jason Folder Decapitation as it supplies an introduction that clearly states to count this track out. So let’s skip it and move on with a fresh start by listening to ‘Long Distance Romance’ by Bubblejuggler. The ears can hear the recorded sounds of a long distance trip by train to a romantically involved one or perhaps the trip to return home from this special visit. Bubblejuggler sings with his guitar along the long distance travel. Sometimes a drumkit pops up providing the guidelines for the movement of the train as well as more electronic synth sounds that emulate the speedy flow over the railroad of long distance love.

Andy Rantzen gives the listener a beat and there is even a bit of a house vibe going on. Tiny wobbles that keeps the tempo up as in being a good match for a form of electric dancing. Andy Rantzen adds a pleasant easy going repetitive feel good melodic loop on top and some additional atmospheric synth tones to create a feeling of flying on the dancefloor. When everything comes together it’s one big smile of favorable lightweight acid.

Lipstick throws in more music for dancing purposes. The best thing is that this electro tune comes with actual vocals that sound a bit like they come from a different planet but do speak our language. A favorable clap highlights the concentration on the beat and the funky electro that is friendly and happy. It’s the music that you feel like clapping along too while sipping a lemon grass tea. (Not a easy task, mind you!)

Telafonica gives a pleasant steady kick for house heads that needs some beat to deal with the spiritual guidance that this tune comes along with. The spiritual feeling comes through singing voices that form a layer as if it’s another instrument until they turn into actual words and the atmosphere twists itself in a track for late at night listening sessions while driving around in a car.

Luke Collision brings a track that fits our blog very well. It’s named ‘Suk It’ for no apparent reason I guess, (no hovers or Popsicles to be seen) but Luke might actually mean that we should suck on this track as it’s of the kind that sound a bit more intelligent than the others. Perhaps in the artificial way, a little bit more experimental with still the main reason to melt down our heads with mellowness that is made to turn a floor into a chilled dance floor.

The earlier skipped The Jason Folder Decapitation makes an appearance again, this time we can’t really ignore it. But closing the ears for thirty seconds will be enough not to actually hear it.

Remove the fingers out of the ears as after The Jason Folder Decapitation comes a track by Dsico (That No-Talent Hack) which somehow makes crap music listenable with plundering stuff like a J-Lo song, fucks with it pleasantly with a additional breakbeat but mostly twisting knobs triggering effects.

The Other One Dave’ is the next thing on the compilation and brings a track named ‘pulse’. It sounds as the first real band on this compilation, but who knows it might be a one-man-band as with technology everything is possible. The vocals are nicely mixed and sound like the voice of a real proper rock singer that shows a lovable soft side with music that also hangs in the middle of a sweet romance and the more raw wilder side of life.

The Plastik Scene’ brings a tune named ‘Egypt’ and is almost the female counterpart of the tune that we had heard before. The music features a pretty voice and great lyrics on mainly a carrying guitar that slow rocks it’s way with a coat of piano tones and some experimental artifacts. It’s about wanting to leaving someone and it sounds quite sincere..

Audio Cephlon is bringing the listener back to the earlier part of the compilation with electronic music that needs no words or guitars to sound finished and smooth. It’s a slow tune that for some strange reason would sound like great soundtrack for a robotic porno video. Robots screwing screws and all done in slow-motion..

Sunday by The White Trash Trailer Park sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a chilled out lazy and hazy Sunday which is of course a great piece of music to end this old compilation with. There is of course another track by The Jason Folder Decapitation but as it’s time for my toilet break I’m unfortunately all out of time to write something about that one.. But don’t worry, you can download and hear the whole thing with your own ears over here:

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Various Artists – people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #5

Artists: Various
title: people shit on everything and are surprised that they only see shit – weakie discs audio zine #5
keywords: alternative, DIY, audio zine, cassette, culture, experimental, lo-fi, singer-songwriter, Poland
label: Weakie Discs

The Polish based weakie discs label has been leaking a lot of quality releases lately. The Weakie discs founder is still trapped in an embassy as a wanted man, not because of the leaking of great music and quality DiY packaging, but because of a dodgy case of misidentification. We at Yeah I Know It Sucks wish him all the best and salute him and Weakie discs for all the excellent goodies that are dropped on the internet and of course the even more amazing physical versions of these weakie works! It might not be easy to leak them out of the embassy and the great efforts of getting all these things out even though being confined is truly something that deserves our outmost dignified respect and support.

Respect to Weakiediscs!!

Okay, after getting all the formalities out of the way it might be an excellent time to take some of the precious time and leak some of our own words for Weakie discs latest leaked information package.
It’s the fifth package of this kind and is yet again filled with top secrets that now have come to light through music escapades of the hard working crew of Weakie discs.

Of course all the important information is secretly encoded in music, but the messages to the world is still shockingly relevant. Take this transcription of information brought to us by a secretive musician named Lxxxnie; milk. In which it becomes troubling clear that all misinformation that goes around about milk cannot be trusted as only Lxxxnie seems to know the truth and the important facts of Milk. Don’t dig into it if you want to stay unaware like a sheep, but otherwise your brain might be hopelessly intrigued with new and vital milk information.

Unusual Behavior is not just unusual behavior; it is also the code name of another artist that had made information available by joining this weakie discs pack. In transcoded chapter ‘dust of the dead’ your brain will be informed of the great living male that live on to snort the dust of the dead to live a powerful elite life of great desire. A work that gets its point across by supplying electronic beats, a voice and a sound that makes me think of this viral YouTube video in which a man cries rather awkwardly.

The information goes on with a producer named ‘La Capra’ and an electronic piece that sounds like a stepping track with ambient elements and crucial information in vocal form. At this moment in time our deciphers are still working hard to figure out what the secret audio recording of people engaged in conversation is all about, but perhaps you are able to translate it and spoil the beans for all of us?

The composer and secret agent Misko Czerkas sings in a special pronunciation in a special kind of English that can only be brought by a special voice that luckily Misko Czerkas has. It takes wide open ears but the top secret information that is supplied has some crucial things on Obama dancing with the dalai lama.. Yep! Not to be missed music that you have to leak even further among friends and complete strangers!

Rzo I krowodrzanie message is one in a universal one; pretty music rules the scene from fellow human being to other fellow human beings. A cute melody and enough space to take some time to absorb it all. All solidly finished with the singers pleasant and strong voice.

Silke Berlinn is perhaps carrying the most impressive information done in a surprising piece of music that with all due respect will simply surprise the listener in style and form. Surprise in the good way as it sounds unlike anything that we had heard over here for a very long time. It’s a powerful song that is done for family swing times and has some important passage of amphetamines inside!

The last chapter on the leaked pack of information by Weakie discs is done by Blob. It’s transmitted and recorded while the spoken word artist sharpens the knives on the table and plays the folk-ish melancholia to give each word more meaning. Our translators at Yeah I Know It Sucks are still working around the clock to translate but its obvious sound wise that somewhere in the information a pig (or multiple pigs) is being slaughtered with the just sharpened knives. That’s the way to seal a deal.

Get this package of leaked music by Weakie discs over at the following link and spread the word:

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Vadim Kotinskiy – Night In Amsterdam

Artist: Vadim Kotinskiy
Title: Night In Amsterdam
Keywords: minimal tech house
Label: Deep-X Recordings

Every artist sees and experience things differently. The following one named Vadim Kotinskiy for example had probably visited the city of Amsterdam and created a dancetrack for it called ‘a night In Amsterdam’, for some reason it sounds a bit different than how my own troubled memory would describe the city. Even though the track is deep minimal tech house style that wouldn’t sound misplaced in a popular dance club, it also comes across as if it has sniffed the darker side of the city of Amsterdam. It isn’t very hard to imagine walking in the night through the alleyways, next and over canals to see a bit of a culture clash that might be a bit teary eyed material. The smell of beer and piss of drunk people that couldn’t find a toilet to pee in, the red lights with prostitutes in lingerie standing behind windows, the sound of Bob Marley escaping some coffeeshops and the misleadingly named smart shop, the bicycle thieves and arguing junkies in front of the old post office.

The next track is ‘lunar girl’ and strangely I have a friend that is a lunar girl with i had some good times down in Amsterdam. We had some great art spirit and celebrated the good use of Ecuadorian mushrooms while being in the clouds of fun and high on lunar coffee. She is now living in Brazil and had recently send some of her music over that although is still in the beginning phase, it does sound a bit like the ‘lunar track’ done by Vadim Kotinskiy so it’s in my opinion a dance track that is spot on ‘lunar girl-wise’

The third and last track is in my opinion the nicest on this threesome of minimal techno tunes. It has a melodic approach with gloomy but pretty expression that mostly should be described as melancholic. It fits it’s title ‘the leaving train’ very well as you can just feel the unknown landscape passing by the window as we sit in the leaving train. It sounds for some reason very European to me, it might be that the train passes through Germany for some Kraftwerk and through France for some quick croissants. But all pitstops aside; a nice melodic minimal dance track that has an emotional appearance is not an unpleasant sight. If minimal tech house is your thing than swing yourself over to the next link and get these three pieces by Vadim Kotinskiy for free:

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Almark – A-Test

Artist: Almark
Title: A-Test
Keywords: electronic, avant-garde
Reviewer: Carrie N.

“This is a test”… Almark is a musician from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The music gives very weird feeling when being listened first time, but after many times on repeat everything starts to make sense, some sort of weird sense first, but slowly, very slowly, the music grows on you. Honestly, this is not an easy listening experience. I had the same feeling about few Autechre albums. Almark explores sound territory that could be considered nothing else but “wabi-sabi” in a more traditional context. Something unfinished, something truly out-of-the-box, something to be ignored perhaps after first listening if one expects something “traditional” within boundaries of electronic and even industrial music genres. But, give this music a chance, it’ll grow on you eventually. Mixing and mastering on the track is nothing else but excellent, feels like this is a work of a professional. Synth work is also lovely. First the track feels like electro-industrial/IDM stripped off of its key elements, then the bass line joins and it suddenly feels very warm, although this apparent warmth disappears quite fast. After many listens the track really gives some sort of apocalyptic feeling. This is really a test, first a test of patience, then a test of perception. If the test is passed, you’ll just get what Almark means. There’s no alternative.

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Pollux & Lullabynight – Morsure

Artists: Pollux & Lullabynight
title: Morsure
cat: Siro340
keywords:dark ambient, field recording
label: Sirona-Records

Most people that I know make selfies in the bathroom, and more than a quart of them do it while seated on a toilet as they empty their bowels. The facial expression of the moment just makes you look prettier, I guess. I’m different (or at least at this toilet session that I am experiencing at this moment in time) as instead of making a selfie, I listen in a atmospheric setting to a experimental work done by Pollux and Lullabynight. I listen while seated but switched off the toilet room lights just to make the concentration larger considering that I’m not obstructed by the things you can see in a toilet room.

It is here that I report to you about my findings of the 11+ Minute during episode of the collaborative audio work named ‘Morsure’. The biggest remark that I can make is that the front cover is very fitting in the actual sound piece. There is this layer of mysterious fieldrecording that sounds wet and dark mixed with a synthetic drone tone that creates a warm but intensive form of pressure. I am not talking about bowel pressure but more as if the sound is the audio setup for a thriller in which a wolf like beast is lurking in the darkness, blowing breath in your neck as it observes you as a possible snack to still its hungry stomach.

It’s a dark and misty episode and you can hear the growl of the beast hiding in the atmospheric darkness that even makes a normal situation of being seated on a toilet without the lights on into a psychological thrilling experience. The soundtrack opens up more depth with the visual sounds of a lonely passing train in the background and an unstoppable flow of soft cold air. The outside world goes away leaving me more frightened and alone in the poop zone.

The darkness keeps shimmering and all attention is focused on the little room of darkness and the black sound that gets more minimal and personal until the moment that the monster claws come out and a pair of unexpected large teeth releases us out of our thrilling misery. There is a happy ending as it is of course just powerful music and nobody actually gets eaten by a monster coming out of the shitter or whatever it can hide in the place that you are listening this release from. Plus the hungry beast sounds like it enjoys a quick snack of the fresh meat of a listener; so it’s all good! Join me as food over here:

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Zoran – Primitive EP

artist: Zoran
title: Primitive EP
keywords: ambient, experimental, drone
label: Charlotte Sometimes
reviewer: Bea Ullshit

Two brothers from Nazarje, Slovenia.
One named Zoran Peternelj and the other Borut Peternelj. They are both responsible for the content of a two track EP named ‘Primitive’. It isn’t very clear who does what sound-wise, but as they keep it in the family I guess it doesn’t really matter; except that Zoran seems to get most credit of this work.

Let’s say that all sounds and music that you can hear are done by the brothers Peternelj and if it sounds actually primitive is not to me to judge. Or perhaps it is.. The thing is that the word ‘primitive’ makes me think of caveman and some duplodokus trying to make a fire with a stone and a stick. Fred Flintstone is ‘primitive’ although also quite inventive for a cartoon. The closest that I am familiar with ‘primitive’ music wise is ‘primitive black metal’ which as far as I know sounds indeed a bit like a bunch of primitive caveman grunting while hammering their rocks and play their hair as if they are guitar strings. That’s what my ears think when talking about ‘primitive’, but what these brothers do here sounds nothing like that.

No caveman to be seen, no grunting, no fire made with a rock and a stick and definitely no Hanna Barbara cartoon. So what is ‘primitive’ and do we have to adjust our minds to the music of these Peternelj brothers? Let’s check the dictionary like a real dick;

being the first or earliest of the kind or in existence, especially in an early age of the world:
primitive forms of life.
early in the history of the world or of humankind.

…well… That isn’t very helpful is it? Primitive can mean anything. From the first steps of evolution and the Big Bang to some apostle writing down the word of a religion… I mean we weren’t there, right? Early history of humankind? Is there any granny who can tell us what primitive is? I guess let’s abandon the word primitive and act as if we can rewrite history with the primitive EP by the Peternelj brothers as if it was the first thing that ever happened in the history of humankind.

….Really, really long times ago there was a guy named Zoran and his brother named Borut. They were one of the first people to exist. In fact they are primitive people, making primitive music because they are from a primitive time in our history. Their music sound in our futuristic future quite modern, but like all primitive histories sometimes intelligence and amazing evolved things are swapped away through the age of time.

Look at the pyramids or Stonehenge for primitive examples that we today have no real explainations for. The same as for the music of the Peternelj brothers; there is no explanation how the primitive world created by these two sound so intelligent and crystal clear for such a primitive audio work.

The first part might be based on a rhythm that might be played by hand and could indeed be applied to some primitive way of music making, but quality of sound and recording is actually more crystal clear than most audio recordings in the nowadays.

The most amazing part is the primitive work that goes in to the second part of this primitive creation of brothers as this is really top notch ambient with deep sound effects and wandering warmth that can’t be possible done by moving two stones or sticks together. It sounds very intelligent and advanced which makes me think that our history books are worthless as they always sketches primitive worlds as being occupied with simple human retards that don’t even have wheels and communicate by hitting each other’s heads with sticks and stones.

The Peternelj brothers simply show otherwise by making ‘ primitive’ sound modern and herby proof that history books are deceptive in glorifying the modern future and laughing at the silly past.
Screw history teachers with the new Primitive EP downloadable over at the following link:

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