Akane Hosaka – Loop Music

Artist: Akane Hosaka
Title: Loop Music
keywords: electronic, Japan, Wrieuw, ambient, bleeps, bloops, cute, electronic, experimental, folktronica, loop, loop music, Southen On Sea
label: Wrieuw Recordings

Akane Hosaka’s latest release is brought to you by the lovely Wrieuw Recordings and it’s as cute and adorable as the label it’s own cat-like furry reputation.
The EP is made in a way that can be seen described on its front cover; the artist improvises her music, uses a loop pedal and as a modern day musician loads it all up on a cloud of sound like cute little music memories. The collection of tracks here are selected by the producer herself and is an instant brew that of honest and friendly loopy music that quite frankly is quite adorable.

The first track ‘loop 5 – insect of matchstick’ is the sweet opener of this lovely EP, it feels absolutely cozy and homely which probably is perhaps also the state that the music is recorded in. It’s the fuzzy ness that this cute laidback music is dressed up in that makes you feel as if your listening to an old gramophone record on a wind up vintage record player. The sweet melody is as laid back as it could be and has a childlike innocence over it( making it a track suitable for bringing happiness to the very young up to the very old.

The second track functions nicely over a bubbling quite fanatic sounding acid line that functions a bit like the electronic baseline and funky melody that a very intelligent duck would make. The track title doesn’t speak of this animal, but an other kind which also could be a reference to the male organ that can go up and down. The music is still able to entertain all ages, but has a bit more of a manic feeling over it. It’s the good kind of craziness and will not drive anyone into the realms of insanity, but just gives a nice look over the borderline.

The third one is ‘loop 31 – Red Small Bird’ which is like listening to a much cuter version of a red small bird than the ones that hop around in reality. And yes, the ones in reality are already cute; but the soundtrack here is basically focussing on its humpy way of walk and friendly small talk. It’s a very sweet and loving friendly audio appearance which (I’m sure!) a real life small red bird would chatter along too. Perhaps it will remember it as a song and sing it to it’s smaller than small baby red birds while feeding them some fresh worms.. Adorable!

Talking about adorable things; loop 35 – kewpie doll’ is one on top of that adorable list of things you need to hear to feel happy from the inside out. It has this fun loving melody that removes all the serious thoughts (and faces) and returns the vibe of not taking everything so seriously. Just laugh, relax, listen to this music , fall over a banana peel and laugh again!

‘Loop 37 – SUNA MANJUU’ is another unmistaken must hear track that will deliver a fake chill pill with a funny color pattern to your ears as a form of relaxed music. It’s like listening to a loop of plastic minimal electric synth jazz with a rhythm that you just want to sit down too and take care off yourself by combining this track with something you like; a candy bar, a piece of chocolate mouse, a cup of tea…

The last track is ‘Loop 57′ which is a bit like listening to the joyful strawberry on the cupcake. It has a nice tempo and a sweet cute hand played feeling of improvisation that anyone with a heart and perhaps an inner-child running around would simply adore and enjoy!

Get this album over from Wrieuw Recordings and you will be pleasantly surprised to spend some time with the cuter sound of life:

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The Bordellos – It’s Lo Fi! Folk Off

Artist: The Bordellos
title: It’s Lo Fi! Folk Off
keyords: alternative, folk, folk off, punk, garage, pop, lo-fi, lo fi, indie, pop, post-punk, singer songwriter, psychedelic, the bordellos, St Helens
reviewer: Leo Obit

I know this is not so much about me, but as I post as me and feel some kind of reader writer relationship going on; I want to take the opportunity to clear something up.
If it was up to me, this place would be full of Lo-fi and lobit propaganda as I personally feel that that’s the music format I personally dig the most. The reason that I’ ll write about clean cut material too is a bit like a honey trap to gather people that would normally switch off to anything Lo-fi or lobit.

It’s a bit like the pied piper having a following of a nicely played flute and parading the whole parade down the cliff. Only to discover something much more purer and finer. The push of the cliff is sometimes a drastic necessity as some spoiled hifi kids are so up their own asses of clean cut Dolby surround stereo high tech blabla that they simply can’t judge music for the music; but do it for its cleanness.

Just imagine them with a piece of toilet paper and a spray to vaporize dirty sounds. Don’t you hate those studio engineers who cut out the inhaling and exhaling from air between the actual words of a singing singer after a recording session? It’s turning every record in a sterile one in which you have to clean your ears with alcohol before you are actually allowed to listen.. Leave your shoes at the door and don’t eat pig-meat; that kind of cleanness.

A while back we received a mail by The Bordellos in which was clearly expressed a disappointment with certain people that don’t seemed to understand the charm of Lo-fi which is of course absurd, but nonetheless it seemed that it was not written as a joke. There might be a sad truth to this reality of People that don’t listen or do not like an album because it isn’t made in a super duper big time show tune with squeaky clean cut sound.. What rubbish!

I can understand The Bordellos frustration, especially because their lo-fi album is actually coming across as very personal with no artificial studio trickery to hide away under; making it a special case that focusses completely on the songs. Perhaps the album might be ignored by the Lo-Fi haters, but here we (like it or not!) go for a track by track review. Unfortunately it isn’t possible for us to write in Lo-Fi or in Lobit, but just pretend that you are reading this as if it was indeed possible…

The first song on this ‘it’s Lo-Fi! Folk Off!’ Release is one song with the rightly chosen title ‘Dark Folk Song’. A song that is for its darkness in content, also perhaps the lightest in how it comes across. It has a certain humor in it, (dark humor) which comes across as accessible and pretty charming. Without going in the details of the story telling lyrics; it’s good to inform you that it’s done in such a way that the listener can visualize every step as if reading a short story from first person perspective with every line and word revealing more details. It’s the voice, the lyrics and the pronunciation that steals the show over here. So much so that one would not even notice that it is brought to your ears in that much debated Lo-Fi way.

The second song ‘Wishlist’ is a nice stripped down simple toned devotional piece that features the best basic ingredients of human expression. The tools are a hand bongo made rhythm, a harmonica, a guitar and a very prominent and honest sounding voice of the vocalist. The song comes across very direct and somehow manages to hit that special snare if sentimentalism. The lyrics are a great part of the charm that is provided here, but it’s how it is processed with different unexpected ways of pronouncing and a twist of speeding up the whole song to give the track more an underlining in how serious the content that is being sung about is. It’s one of those tracks that will trigger a feeling in the hearts of the listener which is a bit like drowning in personal realness that sounds much closer to home than any potential television drama or typed out novel.. The Lo-fi environment really turns it into a personal one on one experience; one one are the bordellos and the other one is us as listeners..

Another example of the charm that Lo-fi has is this song named ‘Vicious circle’, it’s even more stripped down (no bongos!) but the voice is sounding less fragile, although fragile enough to give shape to the honesty that shines in this work. It is a song that makes you stop swallowing for a bit, until the Bordello song has done its thing and you can grab a tissue to dry a possible tear that popped out of solidarity.

The song ‘Lennon Never Died’ gave me goose bumps, not sure if it was because sitting under a cold breeze of from the air-conditioning or indeed the vibe of the actual track. It’s a cryptic and yet not so cryptic nostalgic song with a certain sadness over it.

A different vibe that does the right justice to the Lo-fi environment is ‘Peach’. The rambling guitar sounds more energetic, almost rocky but sunny. The voice of The Bordellos pronounces the word ‘Peach’ like I’ve never heard anyone pronouncing it before. It sounds to me as a mix of sarcasm and yet something juicy and sexy how it is spoken out. Whatever the track is about, it will leave active listeners in a state of trying to emulate the special way of ‘Peach’ sing & songwriters talk.

Than the ‘it’s Lo-Fi, Folk Off’ release hangs itself loose with delivering the ‘Tom Waits Blues’. Of course I’m not close to The Bordellos to indeed know what the ‘Tom Waits Blues’ is, but I feel it’s a bit like an old friend of mine who had suffered once in a while probably a similar ‘blues’. It was a bit like depression but than with lost of Tom Waits songs as only friend and company. Playing every album, every rare track of Tom Waits from early morning to late at night until the sky turned blue again and summer cleared away the friend’s dark days.

‘Primal Whisper’ is music wise quite interesting. It’s a guitar and also probably a Asian stringed instrument which name completely slipped my mind. The song is nice because of this unique play combination; very primal.

The last track is ‘Holy Love’ which is like listening to a very charming character trade settled down as music. It’s perhaps the strongest song on the album, a robust one that carries the listener over the hill to make sure the holy love for Lo-Fi, this album and the Bordellos is finally conquered and truthfully respected:  https://bordellos.bandcamp.com/album/its-lo-fi-folk-off

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TCB TV / 死者の餌 – Split

artists: TCB TV / 死者の餌
title: Split
keywords: Noise, rhythmic noise, awesomeness, energy generator,
label: Angry Arnold Records

A very recent and notable release is this split between TCB TV and 死者の餌 out on the Angry Arnold Netlabel. The first track whose name is simply called ‘One’ is literally the one that lovers of rhythmic loud noise will adore, love and most excessively bang their heads off with. This is not just named ‘One’ , but is ‘The One’ made by TCB TV!

An amazing slam of beat music that is as loud as a pole being slammed in the depths of the ground to keep a tower from falling over. Although at the same time this force is done in such a way that walls might crumble and speakers will be thrilled like they have never been drilled before.. This is not just rhythm that keeps this excited gear howling, but there is also melody involved. It launches itself on top of the domestic beating and creates a brilliant feel of music that functions as a easy escape from reality!

Just keep banging that head, emerge with the fantastic force of beat and feel the spaced out melody with your third eye for a flight you simply can’t and won’t forget. The ‘One’ is like a sophisticated beating that turns into something wonderful, a twist that might be unsuspected while seeing this release at first sight; but definitely one worth to blast out loudly!

Freaking excellent stuff!

The great thing is that it’s half an hour of a mix, meaning that you will be greeted with much more energy that keeps the vibe up. Half way it’s like dancing on machine guns that melt into a salvo of acid punk with a happy slapping for the ultimate good!

The great news comes to you in writing that the second work by 死者の餌 is also rather fantastic if you are digging the noise that gets the energy pumping and the ears mesmerized in harsh but fun oddness. The mix named ‘Two” keeps the vibes of awesomeness but comes across much more bombastic than ‘One’, there is not a distinct beat but it’s more like a gigantic snowball rolling down the hill destructing everything that it comes across! But it rolls over costume shops, clowns, alien zappers, blow up art, screaming hotties and other unidentified strangeness.

It’s a strategic hard noise fest that is happening within this piece and has a energy that is not of a negative kind , but very wild and positive. It’s the most positive harsh noise set that my ears had been hearing here and the smashing of the crashes and base-kick just pushes me as a reviewer from the chair to tumble down on the floor as if multiple sound orgasms have just manifested themselves at the same time and still Keeps on coming ! (Or shall I say ‘cumming?’)


If you don’t get this noise thing, than this release might explain some things to you; as it’s pure !!!!! on display here!
Check it out at the link and don’t forget to pump your volume up before pressing the play button:

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Le Leprechaune – Kitsch Adventure

Artist: Le Leprechaune
title: Kitsch Adventure
cat: DDD003
keywords: 8bit, DIY, electronic, bass musci, bassline, booty bass, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental, electronic, glitch, maxmsp, Paris
label: Darling DaDa
reviewer: Repelsteeltje

An golden oldie released back in the days on the Darling Dada netlabel is this ‘Kitsch Adventure’ by Le Leprechaune.  The description of the release can’t be more clearer that this is one to be interactive with; dance music that might get you in the mood for indeed monumental dancing.

It has this childhood feeling of computer bleeps, old 8 bit retro smells while also being state of the art that still is modern today with all these half shaved long haired barbecue grillexes around playing wobbling basses in your faces. But Leprechaune is different, it has the jolly feeling of not taking you, me and even itself so serious! After all why would we be serious for a good jolly party?

Leprechaune simply brings candy & chocolate that is fun, infectious and removes boundaries of age-gaps and society. It won’t be hard to imagine the queen of England dancing next to a anarchist dwarf escaped from a red and white dotted mushroom. It’s a Kitsch adventure and the person who hates kitsch is yet to be found.. The Leprechaune has the high melodies covered, but seemed to be standing ground in its peanut butter-like wacko baseline pastries. |

The great use of samples that are being thrown around to spice things up, really gets the party blasting. Just listen to Ghetto Plastic and feel the farts of inhabitants of the Ghetto and be aware that this all turns into irresistible dance music! Gangster farts never mixed and matched so great with happy jolly swing beats, wicked baselines, and the regular yells of joy.

Yep, good luck guessing the name of this Leprechaune and trying not to engage into a spastic dance or fall in a instant party… Don’t choke on the ‘Cheap Caviar’ and have much fun at the following link that will magically lead you to this interactive free dance fest:

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Sasha Darko – Awaken In The Woods

artist: Sasha Darko
title: Awaken In The Woods
cat: Siro039
keywords: ambient, electronica, other
label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com/
reviewer: Willem van O.

This release by Sasha Darko is listenable as if its one of those RPG games in which you wake up with no memory at all and found yourself in the surroundings of the high trees that can be viewed on the free release its cover art. View this and you might scratch your head as after a few moments of an ambient atmosphere, the environment becomes as if its a hostile one. There are no birds, nature or more normal forest like sounds as the trees are singing their song of alternative electronica with high-hats ringing between the trees.

The acid like bubble bass gives me the feeling that this track isn’t safe and these tall trees are actually quite hungry to make you one of them. Let’s say that I’m not aware of the details how this is be done, but the thought of all the tall trees being actually other listeners with memory loss might be reason enough to go for a run. And running is good with this music, in fact its good to bring along on your Walkman or whatever you have these days to play music on while running.. a telephone?

The release features 3 times the same song with the first one being the original clean version, and the second one a more calm remix with a steady flow of mystery done by Mister Vapor. The third track is an extended remix of this track that is ‘Awaken In The Woods’ and basically adds 40 seconds to the original length. Life is great if you are go for a jog in the park and you need some fuel to spice up your fear for the trees so you’ll be able to run harder. Not that there are any speedy beats within these tracks, but it has an affordable rhythm to keep your legs going at a right speed.

^ remember? It's Billy!

^ remember? It’s Billy!

The last track is ‘Rebel Yell’ which of course will make many eighties lovers instantly help to get their memory back. The will think of the Billy Idol track/album with the same name. It probably has nothing really to do with it, but the original Billy Idol song is actually a perfect fit to sing on top of this track done by Sasha Darko. The melody coincidence of not, really fit the lyrics; it simply just misses a vocalist to seal the deal. So if you are a singer and are sick enough of jogging, (or perhaps can combine it) you might want to sing your heart out on this fine electronic upbeat track.

click this:
or this:
to get this.

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Darkstar83 – don’t seek the truth

Artist: Darkstar83
title: don’t seek the truth
cat: petroglyph267
keywords: experimental, ambient, Greece
label: Petroglyph Music http://petroglyphmusic.com/
reviewer: Mark X

This release by Darkstar83 contains just two tracks, but that doesn’t make them title wise light material. The first piece is one named ‘Wishing To Be Buried In Satin’ which gives food for thought as who doesn’t want to be buried (not alive; mind you!) in satin. It seems a much more pleasant and cute way to go down than being buried in a wooden box and sand.

^ Wishing To Be Buried In Satin

Music wise it still sound as if there is a shovel used to dig the hole in satin, but you can indeed also hear the softness of it all. But as the track seems to lower the future dead body in the endless hole between satin it also comes across as a little soft satin nightmare. Perhaps it’s just the idea of listening to this while being buried alive in this kind of fabric that the music feels a bit eerie, but it made me really hope not to be aware if they throw my dead reviewers body in a hole in the ground or indeed one in satin.. Better pour some petroleum and light a match just to be sure to go out with some smoke.

^ love burnt to ashes

It seems that the producer agrees with me that it’s better to burn than buried (even if it’s in satin) as the other track ‘Love Burnt To Ashes’ sounds much more like a peaceful and pleasurable way to go. No nightmares here, just one track of reaching nirvana with some fine campfire crackles of burning meat to ashes and a sound showcase that sounds a bit like being at peace with nature and meeting up with happy singing birds in a dream of the afterlife. Yep, this release is convincing enough to just cremate the shit out of the reviewer instead of ending up as food for the worms wrapped in pink satin. I guess this is the release that makes you think about the issue of what people do to you when your supposedly ‘dead’. It’s just two options that are expressed here, but enough to keep somehow a lasting impression. Get these two experimental ambient tracks over here: https://archive.org/details/petroglyph267darkstar83-dont_seek_the_truth

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Nora & Gnoll

noragnollArtist: Nora & Gnoll
keywords: acoustic, folk, punk, queer, alt-folk, folk-punk, singer songwriter, United States
words by: Anna Queerchy

A colleague who is a bit occupied at the moment for frequent appearances at this very space dropped a hint to check out the duo named Nora & Gnoll. As usual a link to a wealth of music was presented and when clicking in the right direction my ears got a fine taste and impression of these two individuals (Atomic Lily (T.R Hurst) and Jonathan Lee) and their creative and honest expressions.

The music on its own is intriguing as it’s very clear and obvious that these songs are done, based, made and baked on reality, their own personality, sexuality and the results are like listening more to a ‘way of life’ and the views that come with it, than just your average song singing about something fabricated and unattached.

^ cover art for the album ‘Wamsutter, Trailer Songs and Other Tales of Woe’ by Nora & Gnoll

Nora and Gnoll sound very attached to their songs and music, they are one of those people who live for their art, visions and have the guts and talent to do express themselves with great Witt, fun and a regular bold fist aimed for any injustice. But don’t worry; there is love, lots of love shining all the way through their songs and hopefully reaching the hearts of potential listeners who are ready to receive some of the real ness that Nora & Gnoll are all about.

I know, I might sound like an writer who wants to engage in a threesome with this couple, but I assure you that this is not an advertisement or a biased form of licking ass. I do not know Nora or Gnoll but just became sucked in more the more I clicked around their online bandcamp page searching for a album to give a potential review.noragnolllI encountered the problem in not being able to choose or even find the right words to describe the music that came up. It is what most people would call folk music, or alt-folk, but its more punk-folk, or love-folk, or queer-folk, or fire-folk, or ‘dont-f*ck-with-Nora-and-Gnoll-folk!  These two are in my opinion cut from a nice and different kind of tree.

^ the cover for the album ‘forward in all directions’

They come across as fearless, and down to earth and (I have heared) they cook excellent food too! Check out this video here of them serenading a group of gay-fearing-protesters with their ‘song for the haters’ song, and you can see the power of a smile destroying the haters with love..

Nora & Gnoll’s art can be seen flourishing as stop-motion video’s, be read in hand written DIY booklets, and hopefully explored in real life if you are lucky. They both sing althoug Atomic Lily seemed to have the strongest voice of them too, really getting the excitement in while Jonathan Lee plays the guitar as the pleasurable guidance. THey are such a solid team that makes them together shine as one beautiful flower! I think of a beautiful rose, with sharp edges on the stern (to cut those haters..).

Nora and Gnoll have the kind hearted spirits of the true souls of anarchy. Not the bullshit things of throwing rocks and wearing all the same black hoodies (because nothing expresses the unique freedom and individualism of anarchists better than black sweaters) but the actual real anarchist philosophy (that must be shocking or thought provoking for the television brainwashed crowds) that is much more peaceful and well intended, friendly, loving and caring than the version made through the propaganda of news outlets and other mainstream media.

This is a solid reason to feature Nora and Gnoll here as listening, seeing, hearing and reading about these two individuals might be a great antidote for wrong views implanted by the mass media to scare people away from the wonderful peaceful , loving and cultural vision of anarchism.

As you might have noticed; my fingers are typing like a steam train in a enthusiastic hurry and there is still no sign of the usual track by track album review. But that’s freedom! We at Yeah I Know It Sucks might look and write like some deranged bunch of hippies, but it seems that the head office is energized with a gigantic battery powered by anarchism too! Who could have thought that? No black hoodies to be seen!

In any way I feel that we should refrain from saying ‘listen to this album by Nora and Gnoll’ or ‘listen to this one’ and that it’s just good to drop a link at the bottom of this gibberish in which you, yourself can challenge your own freedom of choice by choosing (or not choosing) an album by Nora and Gnoll for your very own listening pleasures.

It’s really fun and good music really, lots of stories to be told, a fine warm feeling of surviving in a cramped camper, a loving feeling , a rug sack of humor and wit and the occasional fire on the tongue and middle fingers for the haters and the establishment.

Nora & Gnoll looking good

Nora & Gnoll looking good

To compensate delivering no intimidate guideline which album you have to hear, you might have noticed that this post is decorated with a whole bunch of Nora & Gnoll videos. Please do check them out, because I have to say ‘seeing and hearing this duo is really putting the markings on my written words over here’. Besides that, Nora & Gnoll are greatfull for your ears spending time to hear some of their songs..

Nora and Gnoll are tough, loving, strong, sensible, funny, realer than real, queer, empowering, creative, touchable, adorable, fighters, survivors and kinda sexy too! Who needs commercial capitalistic fabricated pop stars when there is real music with great songs based upon real life brought to you by people who live for their art? Here is a link to Nora and Gnoll’s online place in which you too can fall in love, be energized, spooned up, spiced up or simply laugh and get a kick out of these individuals and their fantastic kick ass sing and songwriter skills:

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