Randomatik Blast – Ecclectik

Artist: Randomatik Blast
title: Ecclectik
cat: Siro009
keywords: acid, breakbeat, breakcore, drum & bass, electronic, experimental, techno
label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/
reviewer: Acid Pete

First things first. Welcome at this so called review of praise. The second thing is ‘welcome to party awesomeness!
Randomatik Blast is quite a famous electronica artist that owns the breakcore scene in south, north east and the west of France and its fame and legacy expands with fans popping up all over the world. If you are in need for an free album of upbeat electronica, breakbeats, chopped up acid lines and fun than please seek no further and go straight to the bottom of this writing and download this classic album in case you did not added it into your collection before.

This album was released way back but still a true blast (did I already mentioned that it is free?!) and a great way to explore the music of Randomatik Blast for the first time. From the first track (which features everyone’s favorite Darth Vader theme) all the way to the last, it’s the artist building up your devotional love for his music. Who doesn’t love the organic melody, the mashup vocals and the funky beats with nice underlining acid funkiness from the ‘organ donor’ tune? If we could hear this tune in exchange for donating organs we would probably donate our ears the last. (Are ears organs?)

The sparkling acid friendly mashup with rolling drums and a slight synth rock feeling really prevails in ‘time of the moon’ which really stands out in fun that will get every dull party into a brewing one. When the nasty bass kicks in the roof of the house will be lift up all the way to another planet.

Randomatic Blast really knows how to add his own flavors and sounds to unmistakable classics that everyone recognizes and loves. Even if you hated the movies, the music theme of ‘Mission Impossible’ is one that all appreciate especially in a superb new party coat with effective beats and electronic coolness.

The coolness of a sexy synth virtuoso that isn’t too whacked out of the skull to play its manic melodies in a way it provides the good vibes is what Randomatik Blast had and provides. The sharp fine synthesizer nastiness of ‘Hardball 2′ is one of those ones that will give the listener the rush while the tune named ‘Atlantic’ provides the ultimate buzz. It’s a great combination to hear the wicked beats and freakery with the hardcore hip hop freshness by Strange Flow.

Also Aphex twin lovers will get a piece of candy with drill breaks mixed with ragga and those allround loved acid bleepy melodies. A track named ‘miss rohypnol’ is simply getting it on with its nastiness like a little drummer boy that snorts you up for a fine rave experience.

There is a track named ‘mr Kindhoover’ which obviously refers to the artist of the same name. A breakcore artist that uses lots of craziness with classical elements, which definitely comes to life in this track over here. Might Randomatik Blast be actually mister Kindhoover or is it an amazing tribute well done?

It’s over clear that this producer knows its beats, it’s skills to fit in with so well the upbeat side of the braindance crowd, the ragga crowd, the synth funk crowd, the drum n base crowd and positive electronica crowds in general. This album is one for on the dance floor and even if you don’t have a dance floor; it will make sure any floor will turn into one to dance on.

Fanatic electronic melodies, acid wobbles, plunderphonic elements, the bubble gum pop of ‘220’ , the popping pills rave exploding pupils rave sound ( the Rabbits Name Was ) , the wild old school strategic beats with punk attitude (On It)… ; it simply got all that is needed to party, with enough diversity, epicness and uplifting happy moods and awesomeness! Better proof that quality electronica party music can be free with permission of the artist you simply can’t find elsewhere on the planet. Download now and get hooked on Randomatik Blast and feel like a ‘king for a day’ while getting down on the tune with the same name!

Get this excellent party album for free at the following link and enjoy, share and spread the good vibes:
Or alternatively download from here:

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Rudolph West – anti cinema pictures’ special

Artist: Rudolph West
keywords: movies, alternative movies, anti cinema, experimental, soundscape, movie, art, horror
words by: Reindeer Cigarette

Booh! It’s Halloween and it’s a day of sucking. Sucking on a horrid piece of candy, a Popsicle or someone’s horrific looking ding dong. Because of this commercial fest in which you can put your dead grandma in a super market trolley and drive her around from door to door without getting weird looks, it’s nice to write something about nobody’s favorite experimental horror movie director Rudolph West.

His name is a bit like Marilyn Manson’s name; a mixed up from two inseparable opposites. Rudolph the red nosed drunken reindeer and West, a cigarette brand for smoking. This automatically makes the name of the video director sound familiar and could be viewed as an instant recognizable household name. Yet, Rudolph West’s anti cinematic masterpieces are reasonably under viewed and perhaps even understated.

I’m not talking about his professional commercial video work for global hit sensation TVMessiah (that’s a completely different story) , but strictly about his stand alone movies: They are pretty extra ordinary in script, visualization, story, special effects and all round theme of provocational love for religion’s favorite hippie.

Who can forget the demonstrators lining up to destroy the first screening of his ‘untitled’ movie? A movie that was for some people visually so disturbing that it made extra people visit their churches to pray for Rudolph West to never ever cast a holy book in a movie again.

Of course the ‘untitled’ movie had next to a lot of hate reactions also some positive reviews. One movie critic at the French Riviera noted that the soundtrack was unlike anything that she had ever heard in a movie. A famous composer who had seen it in a backroom at Canes Film Festival was also full praise and called it a ‘sound collage with images’. We at YIKIS aren’t good with choosing a critical side or pronouncing opinions in the cinematic fields, but do have a link to the ‘untitled’ movie for your own eyes and ears:

The thing is that Rudolph West simply doesn’t give a shit about what you, the movie critics, composers, religious leaders and other people think of his produced movies or soundtracks. This directional stubbornness is one that is something that should be admired and really is the brewing form of the artist’s own film production house named ‘anti-cinema pictures’. It’s here that the short movie with stop motion effects and dolls with nudity came to life in the film named ‘Christian Children Propaganda’. A movie largely ignored on the large art house cinema crowd, but found a small but dedicated cult following through viewings at garage sales and trash nights. Our detective departments have specially searched the internet webs to present you here this largely unknown underground film:

The real reason that we are doing this Rudolph West ‘special’ on Halloween is probably thanks to the film director and creative genius himself. Like a unexpected appearance he had popped up in our mailbox to let us know that his newer than newest movie is out and about ready to be watched by readers of the Yeah I Know It Sucks space. For the audio fans of Rudolph West, this movie might surprise you as there is a real dialog going on that could stand alone as a spoken word performance that to some of our unknown intern reviewers is actually much creepier than the actual visualization of the story. Expect the favorite theme from Rudolph West but now taking up a much grander budget with real life actors bringing a story to life with a dead grim smile and suspicious good lighting. Still the demonic voice of a teddy bear is enough to sleep tonight with the lights on and reason enough to put the volume up before watching the newest Rudolph West movie. You can always listen to the soundtrack with visuals of the Hell-raiser Franchise later. Here is ‘Jesus Doesn’t Love You’ by Rudolph West, might it make your Halloween suck a little bit more:

merry christmas everybody!

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mutaHERTZ – Fantastic Planetscapes

Artist: mutaHERTZ
title: Fantastic Planetscapes
cat: ARGREC25
keywords: experimental, ambient, avant-garde, dark ambient, drone, planetscapes
label: Argali Records Netlabel http://argalirecordsnetlabel.wordpress.com/
reviewer: a tiny, tiny, tiny humanoid

mutaHERTZ is a hybrid artist made up with the genes of I.v.Martinez and Jack Hertz. This new creation has just released a free and most spacious album named ‘Fantastic Planetscapes. The title might inform you that the music is indeed very out-of-the-box, and thinks far ahead away from mother earth and its boundaries, as it focusses much more on the music that could only be made with the hybrid observing the universe from an even wider distance.

The first track ‘Cosmose’ is a great example of this well willing eye for the bigger deal. A global soundscape made by this new alien musician that plays and shuffels around with planets as if they are tiny children toys. Of course it doesn’t sound tiny, as the movements, the depth and the massive consequences of every move has a drastic but interesting effect on the cosmos.

The second work ‘Chaoseed’ brings a more darker side to the story; bright stars are being smashed down for a nice falling effects, comets are being popped as if they were pimples, and the nebula clouds are moved from their original position as if the entire galaxy is one massive engine of a experimental scientific synthesizer and all the things that lay within are the knobs to twists to get these massive impressive fantastic planetscapes.

With ‘Hiddentity’ the larger than life alien hybrid form creates another amazing piece that is literally out of this world. It seems that by moving the planets their orbits; most fascinating sounds can be formed. They might sound warm underneath, but they also sound synthetically terrifying. Perhaps it comes across like that because of our human ears and the tiny brains that have never heard anything larger than life at this gigantic sound scale. It makes us feel as listeners microscopic small, gigantic in tiny ness while the soundscapes is the biggest thing that we can’t even grasp how large it is.

Half way the soundtrack seems to go further and further away. The zooming out of sound makes our planet smaller and smaller and the blackness of the entire cosmos larger and larger.  In the end we hear MutaHERTZ talking to itself in its alien form.. Stupid little humans with your big egos; in this cosmos you are not even the size of a bacteria.

With ‘Signalien’ the music begins to sweep mysteriously. It’s as if the hybrid alien producer is whipping certain parts of the galaxy under a black hole. Everything is going to be clean and to the licking of mutaHERTZ. We can hear him breathe with satisfaction as if the music maker is gaining a sexual appetite while zapping out certain parts of our solar system. It certainly sounds good for mutaHERTZ and there is nothing we can do as humans than just pray that earth won’t be next for a sweep and a whipping down into the endless depth of a black hole.

Lucky our state of over impression of our tiny brains can take a break from the realization how small we actually are. With ‘Xenomorphs’ is seems that mutaHERTZ forgets about us and the galaxy cleanup and goes for a nice intergalactic food-break. I have no idea what it eats or munches on, but it sounds as if space dust is otherworldly delicious. Of course after the spacious intake of some far away planets that we don’t even know about, mutaHERTZ goes for deep drone drinks mixed with strange alien lights with a twist of old acid jazz from another alien order.

The last work is ‘Codefect’ which sounds as if the artist is content and ready to go to wipe out the entire galaxy with a spacious sponge and lots of clean tissue.  It’s like all our planets are just dots on a windscreen and mutaHERTZ is in a cleaning temper. The good thing is that the actual session goes by harmless as if earth is a spot that the hybrid alien artist has missed or felt sympatric for.  It’s great because otherwise nobody would be able to hear these fantastic planetscapes, which are truly of a grotesque form impressive and provides a scientific glimpse of a far, far, far away alien zone.

We can hear mutaHERTZ speak in his own language towards the end which is one that is tremendously hard to decipher and probably takes years and years to decode. I hope earth will stay for enough time to get some more answers about mutaHERTZ and its cleaning whipeout, but better live every day of our lives as if it’s the last! (You just never know when a force from outer space removes our planet from the map..)

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Urinal Shit – Something Isn’t Quite Right

Artist: Urinal Shit
title: Something Isn’t Quite Right
keywords: messy noisecore, goregrind
label: Mastoiditis Recordings
reviewer: Mark X

This re-release of a classic ‘Urinal Shit’ production brings our ears to the nearest public ‘restroom’ for a instant performance with real drums and real body fluids. It begins straight with it’s well performed act of class named ‘Overflowing The Basin’ in which Urine Shit shoots out a whole street worth of bricks out of his backside in the well perceived conclusion that it might make the basin overflow. The drums functions as a hype aggressor and does a great deal of cheering while the performer poops out these stones as if it they are hard boiled eggs that just need to escape the stench from the internal body parts.

The determent Urinal Shit takes care of its business as at the next track (Uncloggable Toilet Block) the drums stimulate the artist to attempt to unclog at least one toilet. Water flushes, the plunger plunges and the smell is luckily not smellable through the recording or we might have simply died a little. Nope the hard working effort of ‘Urinal Shit’ seems to be hopeless as the toilet stays clogged, but it does created a nice soundtrack as a special memory of this hopeless fiasco in time.

Add ‘crap splatter gore platter’ to the toilet scene and you feel like listening to successful easy manageable turds that slip out while the drums bang to give every brownie a dose of energy. It’s here that the floor is being filled with these slippery friends, which is no fun for the cleaner; but sound wise there is absolutely no problem for us..

Something isn’t quite right’ might refer to the bizarre business of music made in a public lavatory, it isn’t quite right especially when the big message goes into the place in which the smaller one should have gone, and the other way around. This title track captures the water flushes of the urinal and the now familiar drums figuring how to deal with it in all normality.

To highlight the moment of ‘shitting in the urinal’ the ‘Urinal Shit’ comes with probably the most straight edged grunge rock to the collection. The strings are being roughly treated and the beat just provides what we need, especially when people go for that special ‘listening to music while shitting in the urinal’ kind of occasion.

The last track starts with a cry of a toilet goer who happens to have dropped into the performance at the wrong moment in time and is now drowning in feces. ‘Urinal Shit’ is obviously loving it and makes sure to make more shit music to make sure the whole public toilet space is flooded with nastiness. A few crashes, to accentuate the drowning and we’re dead.. Classy, very classy way to drown!

So yes, this release originally released in 2007 on a tape and CDr by Mental Abuse Records is after all those years still as shitty as the original probably was. I’m not sure if it sucks, but it definiatly poops and pisses. Download is (not a big surprise) absolutely free:

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Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers – A First Time for Everything

Artists: Flat Affect, &Others, Proud//Fathers
title: A First Time for Everything
cat: FSCD 08
format: CDr
keywords: experimental, avant-garde, free improvisation, noise, Panama City
label: Fora and Spoon Records http://facebook.com/forkandspoonrecords

Under the cover of this great artwork shoots out a thrilling combination of excessive flushes of sound diarrhea, in the prosperous combination of an award winning rash of wedding bells. Add in a whole arrangement of guest speakers and you will get a bit of an idea how the first track on this release sounds like. It’s noisy, chaotic and exciting; in fact a bit like a wedding day in which guests turn up that weren’t invited and a strong of a heavy breeze will lift up some of the party tents in the air for good fun.

The happiest day of our lives, ruined by participants, the weather and brown and yellow spots on what supposed to be a clean wedding dress. It might not have been a text book event of happiness, but it was definitely the first time to hear an event like this brought to the ears in this condition.

Look at them.. they are waiting for you..

The second work sounds a bit as of it starts at our very first day together after (surprisingly) successfully exchanging the vowels and the wedding rings. The life as a married person wasn’t quite what was expected as the newlywed house seems to be placed in some kind of damp swamp and the kettle for our homely first cup of tea, has issues to flute properly.

There might be something wrong with the water boiler as the pipes begin to peep and stutter. In fact I’m not sure if it’s indeed the water boiler as it sounds more like a crunchy beast attempting to growl while munching on a guitar. It does sound as if the guitar is indeed delicious as the teeth clings into it as if it’s an appetizing crunchy snack. Perhaps the left over from a over burned self-made wedding cake? It sounds as if it is indeed a bit hard and the boiler monster cries out loud when it finds its teeth broken. My ears feel sorry for this little hungry boiler pet but I’m too busy covering my ears from a potential brain damaging scream of the creator.

The soundscape moves along and it’s nice to explore more of the newlywed house that doesn’t get rid of the swamp feeling. Did we marry a frog or a water spider? My ears aren’t sure who we have pretended to marry, but it must be someone eccentric and close to nature. Are there birds singing around through the rooms?

Let’s look in the cupboards for the very first time.. A voice seems to be trapped in there and it’s coming closer and closer. It’s frightening but the cupboard door is open and no way it’s going to close. A little needle drops and the place is silent. It’s a silence that mostly appears in horror movies in which something terrible would happen. The classic scare music starts indeed to do its thing and the first day of our marriage is quite the nightmare.

who can resist this?

Was it an accidental marriage with a poltergeist? Pots, cups and unidentified stuff is being launched by itself. Little angry rats seems to enjoy nibbling on the toes and a girly high screams can be heard as if every step that the feet make are stepping on tiny tails of these little rascals.

Than a scene comes in which we can hear someone or something stirring in a glass pot with a spoon. Is there someone cooking food? Or is it again the poltergeist playing tricks on the mind? A noised up donkey makes its legendary sound and the stirring keeps going. Just when being close enough to view the happening, the unfortunate boiler monster returns. It has now demolished the guitar and pretends to be one by itself. High beeps shine in the eyes as a protective response and from here it takes a more relaxing attitude as it’s munching and licking its own fingers.

Slurp, sniff and gurgle it does and it becomes brilliantly clear that this strange boiler creature might be the girl on the front cover. Legs up and licking the fingers and showing off her (not so) private parts. She chomps and fingers herself like an octopus in Heath. Is this the one we have married or is this another surprise in this newlywed house of first time horrors? Bats fly out of her Venus temple and clouds of mind shredding comfort noise starts to penetrate the ears like a mist of poison.

they are ready for you.. just order a copy and it will be yours for eternity!

This must be the end as electric shocks are applied to our just wedded body-parts and no help from a loving wife or husband to be seen. Dying on our first day of living the marriage life sounds nothing like expected, but it does sound perfect in time for the Halloween! So in that case YIKIS recommends this CDr featuring the content made by Flat Affect, &Others & Proud//Fathers.

Are you ready for a mysterious audio marriage of you and potential hell that needs your ears more than you need your ears for other purposes? Get the release from Fork and Spoon Records at the following kinky link:

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Eoforwine / Raven – Split

IMG_0001Artists: Eoforwine / Raven
title: Split
keywords: ambient, noise, ambient noise, live performance, experimental, romantic noise, lobit
cat: fckspl 010
format: Floppy Diskette
label: Floppy Kick http://floppykickrecords.blogspot.com/

When the music by two artists is captured on a single floppy diskette, Floppy professionals would call it a ‘floppy split’. A right term, describing exactly what it should describe; music from different creators meeting in the middle of a floppy.  This means twice as fun as a floppy single, and in the case that you know only one of the two artists; 50% change to discover a new one. 100 % change that you’ll need a floppy drive to get the full physical experience. Good news though ‘Floppy Kick’ guarantees every purchaser of the diskette that it will be able to listen to the content of the floppy, no matter what!

Today within this YIKIS update I would like to discuss one of the more precious sounding floppy splits released by this ‘Floppy Kick’ label. The artists involved are ‘Eoforwine’ and ‘Raven’. Both sounds have entered my ears before, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s an exciting mix and match to find them so nicely side by side on this floppy. Both are involved in producing experimental noise and sound-wise their combination is almost like two bars of chocolate wrapped in the same paper.
IMG_0002Eoforwine’s side of the story is named ‘legume’ which surprisingly fits the weather circumstances that happen outside the windows when it softly rains. The sound of music comes down gradually and fills up the ears in a fine way. It is the noise of a pleasant kind; relaxed pulsating in its shape that gives a feeling of freshness to things that could have sounded dirty. It really helps that within this state of sound another deep emotion can be picked up that acts like the confined bringer of warmth and coziness that gives the work a romantic feeling.

When your ears completely surround the work it simply turns into the music that would be a great soundtrack for cuddling with a pet, a loved one or even just snugging up with yourself. It becomes clearer that ‘legume’ has the same qualities as sitting in front of a fireplace on a fluffy carpet with candles and flowers, yet it sounds nothing like it.

It really brings back the romantic charm of noise music which makes this genre so appealing for sensitive people who just want to have the perfect soundtrack to match their delicate tastes and are in need for that special soundtrack for their ‘finishing touch’. Eoforwine’s Legume is for you romantic people.. Combine it with wine from a good year and the classy music would certainly make sure your classy life will be improved a great deal.IMAG2886The fascinating work by ‘Raven’ is perhaps not settled down to bring back just pure romance in its sound, but it does come across as a lengthy entertaining set that will certainly makes this floppy worth every penny. It’s a live set, which explains its great diversity in sound and many movements that keeps bubbling in exciting shapes and forms. For fourteen minutes the ears will be treated with soft brush of sound that makes the appearance of being alive and is more of a character that fiddles excitingly with instruments that sound like a happy chatter of an electronic kind.

The birds of the lobit rate are very friendly, sweet and not out there to harm you or the possible listening partner(s) who makes this split so great in keeping the romantic atmosphere in an entertaining form.  This performance wouldn’t be out of place to listen with a loved one on the bed, holding hands as the clattering happy noise fills up the room like a fairytale of critters bringing in hearts and forms of excitement to wonder about. Besides this work will only give impulses for conversation or indeed functions as a great soundtrack for interactive cuddling; much better than watching a boring romantic comedy, and definitely much more classy with probably much better results in the romance departments.

All in all the work of ‘Eoforwine’ and ‘Raven’ are quite different from each other, so well in length as in sound production and output; but they are a great mix together to keep an atmosphere that sounds classy and romantic. A floppy split that would be perfect noise music for the start of a beautiful romance, or just a quality atmosphere to spice up your household with. You can order this floppy by contacting the Floppy Kick label from their own website:

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merx & nystada – Turbulence

artists: merx & nystada
title: Turbulence
cat: waag_rel059
keywords: ambient, electronica, experimental, electronic, krautrock, Motherwell
label: weareallghosts http://www.weareallghosts.co.uk/
reviewer: Mark X

mere & nystada joined each other to work together on a release, 7 tracks came out of it and they are bundled under the name of ‘Turbulence’. The kabel owner of ‘the weareallghost’ netlabel wrote that it was at the beginning a ;challenging listen’ but that it had grown on him.. This might be also applied to other new fresh listeners, so keep it in mind that this release might need multiple plays for the right adjustment of mind to fully appreciate the content of it all. After all; it’s a real electronica pearl!

Urbanität is the first successtory of music collaboration between the two artists that came here out of the speakers like a plastic fantastic electronica track. The first thing that my mind thought when hearing this, is how fresh and friendly it sounds. You can hear a steady lightweight rhythmic synthetic melody that has something of a very bright feeling over it. It made me see it as if it was made of a plastic material but colored in bright purple , blue, red or neon yellow. The sound visualizes itself when it steps along, bringing pleasure and a certain snoozy smoothness with it. A strong and yet light weight opening that is quite a contrast with the next following track.

This one is named ‘Malfunction’ and is more vague, more experimental in its feeling. The movement and visual sight of bright colored plastic-music is completely gone as this track works more like a world of wonder in which a  downtempo element is guiding its way through it. Spacious but slightly dark deep undertones are waving throughout the work like fireflies that trigger a much more brighter side of this in general shimmering synthscape. To me it felt like listening to a blue night in which tiny micro miracles could happen, while stepping away through the abstract grounds of ambient.

‘Motorik’ goes for a high-hat that functions as the path to follow so you won’t get lost in this work by these two artists. Electronic fuzziness buzzes like singing baselines that come to life to join the scene as more solo kind of material. When this happens the high-hats already teamed up with the other elements to form a swinging beat for the melody to bounce around in. From here the music starts to take shape as if it’s free basing synth rock that showcases multiple effects and synthesis that turns the sound from spacious to somewhat raw around the edges. It’s like a 2 day unshaven chin from a male figure.. In the end you will find yourself as a listener alone on the high-hat clicking your red shoes in the hope for more happenings..

‘Halbdunkel’ is perhaps the answer to your prayers. That is of course if you had been praying for a track named ‘halbdunkel’ which might be (on second thought) quite unlikely. It’s a slow kind of swinging track, it has bright synth tones, while a more drunken rhythm softly riddles underneath it. It’s a bit like soothing electric raindrops that come down with enough warmth captured on top while bright smoothness shaves the previous unshaven chin.

Hold on tight, fasten your seat belts as now it’s time to go through some ‘turbulenz’ . It’s one of those happenings that you expect to be a bumpy ride; but the actual turbulenz is so light that it’s no big deal for the thrill seekers under us and more something that goes by without the risk of being in the danger zone of falling air hostesses tumbling on top of your lap. It sounds more cute, vibrant and actually as the sweetest turbulenz ever recorded. Even when the work goes more in front, the electric sounds are keeping themselves of the good kind. The simply softly freaking their way about; making it a perfect track for psychonauts to be all happy and smiley.

Than the friendly fellows come up with a work named ‘Untergrund’ which is really an nice and deep sounding synth work that fits the mood of the release its front cover. Although perhaps slightly a bit grimmer than the actual mood on the photograph.. It has a smooth melody that might come across as a bit sinister, but how its brought with its stepping rhythm made me feel as if it’s the soundtrack for a Freddy Kruger moment in which the listener takes the satisfying part of actually being Freddy in search for a fresh victim down in Elm street. Or perhaps another street.. Not that it sounds scary or nightmarish, but it sounds powerful in a villain kind of way.. I’m loving this track too much!

The last track ‘Sorcerer’ is one that seems to use the finest nervous acid wobbles as the fancy undercoat and feeds the listener a turbulent solo synth-melody while pretty high ambient tones smoothly rinses the ears with a sweet glow of sunlight generating kind of sound. It’s a positive ending that has the pulse of a exciting heartbeat, one that hopefully beats enough to generate more music being made in the future by this remarkable duo.
Play it a few times, let it grow on you and unlock its beauty in its full glory:

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