Magnetone – NP

artist: Magnetone
title: NP
cat: MBRZ-229
keywords: lobit, audio art, noise, minimalism, experimental
label: Microbit Records
reviewer: Leo Obit

They cut off the electric, but not the internet.

You take one finger and than you’ll eat the whole hand.

It is never too late for an golden oldie.

Ah, hello again and welcome at Yeah I Know It Sucks. I was just sorting out some wishful sayings, but thought it would be good to take a break and tell you about Magnetone. Unfortunately I do not know much about it other than a email address and that it is one artist from a place that formerly was the Soviet Union.

However being in the dark with minimal information about this artist, the release which dropped four years ago has made a huge impact on the weird part of the internet. Instant cult fanclubs formed with fans in dying need for information hopelessly searching in all possible corners except the right ones.

Now reliving the moment by traveling back to this release, it still kept the age of time at bay as an album that for its half an hour in play length still has ‘it’. People nowadays call ‘it’ the Underground factor, or The Face of the Underground, The Voice of Underground, The Underground Got Talent..

Many titles, but they all have Underground in common. A reference that is indeed correct as this release would probably never have seen the light of day in the upper world. The cult fanclubs from four years ago have all dug the holes to get closer to their idol, but as fans tend to ruin the underground status; the artist stayed put and in hiding.

No new Justin Bieber to go and ask for a autograph, no media whore dressed in a dress made out of chicken soup for the gossip press to munch on; this underground artist stayed away from the instant fame and the impact that this album had on the internet crowd.

Now in 2014 people have moved on, cult fans abandoned their hunger for the real life human identity of the artist, in fact the release that started all this madness looks in the nowadays quite the lonely and lost antique. That’s why today I thought to stop sorting the ‘expressions and sayings’ for a bit and dust off this forgotten Underground ‘It’ release.

If the content of this 2010 release will make another big impact today after us dusting it off and polishing the link to find it; is doubtful. People in 2014 moved on, they listen to the “new” Aphex Twin, not some vague experimentation with emptiness, cute sparkles, scribble rhythm & noises, distortion, experimental sounds and scientific grown bagpipes.

But this is the roots, this is ‘It’. This is, was and will be always the real winning underground factor; the music that never was, the stuff that isn’t vaporized before, not sampled for a production of mega rappers;
a release hardly touchable and yet such a winner.

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nnaai – hdphnswrshp

artist: nnaai
title: hdphnswrshp
cat: Eg0_129
keywords: drone, minimal
label: Eg0cide Productions
reviewer: Arno van der Kwaak

Sometimes a drone comes close to the concept of a tone. This minimalistic drone release done by a Italian artist named nnaai is such a thing that borders this tone drone zone. The first track is perhaps a drone but it is also a tone, and as this; it’s sets also a tone for the complete digestion of this release.

The tone drone doesn’t really contain a pulse but is just one long progression of slight tone changes within the tone drone. It is indeed a very minimal progression through this tone drone zone and it made me wonder who exactly (besides us (dear readers) and the artist) listens to this kind of thing.

It is nice though, not at all a bad experience.. It’s just a life question that came up; who listens to the drone tone zone? What are the regular fans of this genre look like? What do they eat? Do they also enjoy unplugged cables and background noises, or is it just the finer drone tones that row their boats?

I have to say the drone tone zone progression captures on the first track is indeed much better than listening to silence, and much more appreciated than the high buzz of a television on standby.

The second track is more than twenty minutes in length and follows a similar concept. I must say that my ears like this drone tone zone much more as it sounds more deep, focusing on the lower tones and the way towards the end seems to me more varied in simple tone changes and minimal experimentation.

It’s a bit like reading a sterile book that has no real story to tell just words printed on a paper; listening to this lengthy tone drone zone part makes me see the hands of the artist softly and slowly turning buttons like a conductor that directs it’s own orchestra that consists of a single tone drone with precise care, but made on the spot.
If that is something that you have an appetite for, than be free to download this release for free at the following link:

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Whiskah – BeetZ

Artist: Whiskah
title: BeetZ
keyords: experimental, trip hop, boom bap, chill, Portland

At first sight it wasn’t love, but on second sight; it was a firework full of it! The discovery of BeetZ by the groovy Whiskah was one to shout out of the windows in order to spread the word that wickedly good groovy music had been found once again!

But no time to scream as the tracks laid out by Whiskah are of a supreme order in which minimalist will find their heaven in the pure necessity of the groove. Groove is a word that can’t be written down enough in this review, as this is what BeetZ seems to be all about. That and minimalism, only giving the melodic needs and tiny extras to stimulate the instant movement of the body in pure excellence.

From pretty acoustic loops, to low-key keyboard artifacts and tiny additional samples that are only there to put more groove on the groove, are the simply irresistible ingredients for a good day dance. Most important are the drum loops; but it is this perfect mix and match of everything together that makes this EP in one of those instant hotties on the chart.

Thanks to the minimal but excellent approach of groovy music there is even some space left for some stolen words, rearranged and restyled as a ‘poop’ saying rapper in the final tune named ‘blood devil’ which might as well be a underground trip hop hit single.

If laid back grooves, minimalism, hot loops, and trip hop *poop* is your thing than you will probably love to scream ‘eureka!’ out of the window when exploring this BeetZ by Whiskah. Tune in at the grooves over here:

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Elektrojudas / XNDL – Split

Artist: Elektrojudas / XNDL
title: Split
format: black vinly (limited to 200 copies) / digital
keywords: electronic, electronica, techno, industrial, experimental, ambient, melodic
label: Attenuation Circuit

The following split between Elektrojudas and XNDL is one for the fans of the electronic melodic style. Retro lovers who browse the web for the classics will be able to add this new one to their collection of early birds with also enough modern day twists to build a bridge to the nowadays.

Elektrojudas starts off with a downtempo introduction that simply promises on its own a good set of electronic music. The artist isn’t lying as it’s continuation with a pretty track named ‘erision’ brings a nice blend of cool and yet laid back electronic synth music. The electronic music is matched with nicely programmed clear beats but it is the slow intriguing melodies that steel the show. The tune ‘nothing else’ especially highlights the great skill of bringing a calculated old school electronica piece that has a dramatic technoid pop structure brought out in a masterful way.

For some reason it made me think of the classic techno track ‘u-boat’ , it has this strong melody from a very German caliber. ‘Monday in my mind’ is again sounding like such a classic, going for a lovely but dramatic piano melody that gets integrated in the electronic structure. For all of the tracks delivered here by Elektrojudas counts a very strong talent in melody making which are memorable with a certain retro feeling. It sounds classic in the techno sense of the word which certainly adds to the melancholic mood of them all.

XNDL is also strong equipped in the melodic electronica way and because of that a great teammate for the music done by Elektrojudas. XNDL does go for a different direction, experimenting more with the structure, beats and sounds more industrial influenced in my opinion. The pop structure is out of the window but the electro rock is now prevailing and ruling this side if the split.

The music is less straightforward but definitely got me grooving on the fat sounding beats, excellent dark electronic vibes with here and there moments of pure prettiness. The tracks are like a well-made moody puzzle that sound intelligent to kidnap the listener from beginning to the entire end of the record. An end in which every kidnapped listener will be finding the dark groove that goes in the heart like a moody but powerful memory.

This is a excellent split featuring two sides of a melodic dark electronic melody coin by two different projects dealing with their own style and delivery. Elektrojudas brings more the classic structure bringing happiness to the electronic nostalgia lover, while XNDL is more alternative and intelligently upbeat while keeping up the dark moodiness of this session of togetherness. In other words check this split out as it is pretty good stuff:

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ВИА Пампасная Трава – Звезда

Artist: ВИА Пампасная Трава
title: Звезда
cat: AAR0072
keywords: punk, ska
label: Angry Arnold Records
words by: Simon Hit

The Russians know how to play the roulette, but did you know that they also know how to do the ska? The latest release on the Angry Arnold Label is a single by (I presume from Russian origin..)  Пампасная Трава titled ‘Звезда’ . It is a song that brings the (presumingly Russian) punk side of ska music in the picture. The music might follow a simple concept; punky ska music with (probably) Russian vocals and jolly background singers; but the feeling of it all makes the song into something special.

This ‘Something’ makes me as a listener very thirsty. Beer, wine, water, jus d’orange; those are the drinks that can not still this specific thirst. This punk ska song screams for Vodska!

Ska & Vodska = yum!

Ska & Vodska = yum!

Vodska is the only drink that would quench the thirst that this song instantly gives. If you happen to have some in your home than don’t waste time; download and play this infectious (I presume Russian) ska-punk single while treating yourself with the pleasure of  Vodska drinking!

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Various Artists – Creatures Vol. 2

Artists: Various
Title: Creatures Vol. 2
Format: Mini CDr / digital
Keywords: electronic
Label: inverted Recordings
reviewer: your narrator & guest Doctor Philll

Creatures, creatures everywhere. They keep on crawling out of the speaker system since the release of Creatures volume 1, and now with Creatures vol. 2 the invasion of these electronic creatures seems unstoppable!

Contained and collected in a secret studio in a village named Lobith (Netherlands) they have been raised on top of mini CDr’s. Now these discs are being spread, showcasing a careful selection of a breed of Creatures that no disc could contain before. Catering a curious group of DIY creatures-collectors with a curiosity factor high up on the agenda, they knowingly setting them free through speakers world wide.

When the Creatures of volume 1 was a brilliant collection of togetherness in breed (read all about it in this exclusive review) , the second Creatures goes for a more broader orientated species. The place of origin aka ‘inverted Recordings’ simply labeled the creatures under the tag of ‘electronic’, which basically means that except being ‘electronic’ anything creature-wise is a adventurous possibility on this nifty collectable.

There is no surprise that this means that just like the creatures of volume 1, the creatures on volume 2 are surprising and by far not your normal day electronic ‘oochy oochy oochy’ music; these creatures here have personal identities.

We at Yeah I Know It Sucks obtained a sample of them and asked doctor Philll to test them all out for your safety. After all it’s easy to obtain these Creatures, but are they easy to take care off? Potentially dangerous? Good with children?

Hello Doctor Philll, how do you do?
-fine, fine. (Shows teeth to show he is smiling in good nature)
We are just discussing the release of Creatures vol. 2, any professional thoughts about it?

-it’s fine, fine. Nothing to be worried about. I mean these creatures are my kind of friends. They are perfect relationship material and do not  form a threat to children. (Shows teeth to show the feeling of being wise)
-The Creature named ‘Material Action’ does not influence or invoke mass consumerism but indeed shows of a interesting identity of smokescreen and mist. It’s an odd creature who is being warm and cuddly, but yet distant while keeping its vibe very personal. It’s only harmful to itself, but is gentle and versatile to the others. (Shows teeth in order to promote an undisclosed whitening product)
-The up side of this Creature is that Material Action is very chill out companionship, bringing shimmering  mist-pop that is of a mild order. The creature can be enjoyed as a one time friend, but grows larger than life when playing it multiple times. No need for arguments when this creature is around. (Shows teeth in order to win your heart)
What about the other creature? The one with all the feathers?

-fine, it’s fine. Not harmless at all unless you are hungry and try to eat it; than it potentially might poison you in an instant. Not that we tried it yet.. You want to try it? (Shows teeth in order to let us know that this is sarcasm)
-The creature named Toxic Chicken is one for the ADHD and Bella Lugosi fans, it has quick beats and also Bella Lugosi in its heart. I’ve tried to put it with my collection of chickens, but that is not a recommendation as they all changed color. (Shows sharp purple teeth for bizarre effect)
And what about this creature named ‘Mind Of God’? Sounds particular isn’t it?

-fine, fine.. (Shows teeth while laughing excessively)
-actually ‘Mind Of God’ is my favorite creature on these sample days of testing them all out. It seemed the most intelligent, the most LSD vision inflicting creature on the compact disc. Has a good rhythm of heart and did show excellent self-hygiene. It made me bold head shiny and considering to leave my wife in order for a long lasting relationship with this creature of danceable visions and intellect. (shows the teeth of Jack Nickelson in forehead)
And this strange looking creature?

-fine, it’s fine. It’s Alex Spalding. The intelligent anarchist brings a solid flirt with industrial eighties to the household spreading love and affection along the way with a microscopic antibiotic melody secretly sneaking into the family. (Shows teeth in order to present a loving feeling)
Dr. Phil McGraw Giving Thumbs Up
– the creature does very well on all kind of conditions, testing it out on the treadmill for five hours and never gave up on me. (Shows teeth again shining in health)
And the last crea…

-fine, it’s fine. It’s the creature called Caffetine and is one that is more metallic, rubber, leather-like in skin. Seems frightening at first sight but is a great friend. It also attracts enthusiastic human friends who came over in order to hear and see it. The testing place was by than instantly turned into a dancing mass in which creatures danced alongside human admirers in a friendly matter. (Shows a toothless mouth to confirm a good time well spend)
-I’ve not been scientifically approached to test out the creatures on volume 1, but the ones one volume 2 are harmless, danceable partners that are more marriage material than any human being that had visit my office for a long time. I would certainly recommend them and hope they spread all over the world conquering many hearts and souls with their open minded identities and good sounds. (Shows proudly a pair of fake teeth on the floor)
Thank you doctor Philll!
Here is a link with doctors approval and recommendation, may the creatures do you good and be your dearest friends:


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Silke Berlinn – Silke Berlinn EP

artist: Silke Berlinn
Title: Silke Berlinn EP
format: cassette tape / digital
Keywords:70’s rock, alternative, rock, diy, NYC, underground, experimental, lo-fi, post-punk, punk, rock’n’roll, singer songwriter, Poland
Label:Weakie Discs

Silke Berlinn brings a amazing energetic EP with fun lyrics written in a rock pop format to grind your teeth with. The first track is the strongest opener, delivering a song that would set Silicon Valley on fire in a hot rock anthem sang in a way as if we are standing in the middle of the hell of blown up digital bubbles of big time capitalism that sells air worldwide. Silke Berlinn guides us through the insanity of the place that functions as the headquarters for the likes of Google, Facebook and the industrial complex. Some people might call it hell, some have visions of evil nerds wanting to strip down your personal details and for others it’s a Vegas-like heaven. But whatever is your interpretation of Silicon Valley, the one that Silke Berlin delivers here is one that rocks my digital and non-digital socks! A great rock tune with a undeniable attitude of strength, cynicism and cleverly written song text.

DNA Lounge seems to be a place to go dancing, to unload your adrenaline and a heaven for expression by amphetamine junkies. I have no directions that will lead to this place, but Silke Berlinn delivers the vibe and a great story of this seemingly adventurous place. Her DNA Lounge captures more soul, but has a interesting tempo moving up and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone like Any Winehouse would be dancing on the table when hearing this song, or perhaps actually being in this serenaded DNA Lounge. Excellent stuff.

Silke Berlinn produced a smoking hot steaming tune called ‘City Lover’ , which has this instant vibe of coming down to the city and feel the buzz, the thrill of everything that happens in this tough, intriguing area. Silke Berlinn rocks with passion complimenting this rush that the city brings if you are a city lover. It can be a dangerous place but that adds to the thrill and if you have just a small snippet of the attitude of Silke Berlinn you will be absolutely fine and having a great time exploring life to the fullest!

The last track ‘Disco Nazi’ is taken out of real life, taken from the seedy side of drugs, rock n roll and the life of a trigger happy out of control disco nazi! This disco nazi shoots up but has the amazing skills of bringing a amazingly real song with a punk pop rock attitude that simply makes this insane life style into something very desirable. Great freaking music in which the strong personality of Silke Berlinn takes complete control and will amaze everyone with her talent and realness. Stay away from the needle as this EP is pure dope!

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