Stefano Balice – four fails for piano

Artist: Stefano Balice
title: four fails for piano
cat: SPTOtfSP036
keywords: classical, piano, lobit
label: SPTOtfSP

Stefano Balice let his fingers thrill a piano, he touches them, presses them with enough pressure to get a sound going. In fact Stefano Balice plays the piano like a composer on the loose but then pretty stuck to a chair in front of this piano. He plays and plays, fingers go up and down, pressing the keys and letting them go again. Compositions emerge made on the spot and for that spot only. Luckily Stefano Balice did press a record button before taking a seat behind this piano because it would be so shameful if we would have missed out on these four precious fails for piano.

The first one is ‘eclissi di mare’ and then he composes one named ‘allegro bipolare’, followed by ‘sul filo della gola and it all ends with a work named ‘carcasse (ancora due mesi mezzo di SerT). I think it’s Italian, but it might be just composers language.. You just never really know when dealing with piano playing minds like that one of this Stefano Balice. If you want to hear it and are up for some piano failures, than please feel free to get these lovely fails for piano at the following download link:

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Sequentialwork – Monkey Say Monkey Doo EP

Artist: Sequentialwork
Title: Monkey Say Monkey Doo
Cat: bump198
Keywords: breakbeats, techno, minimal, house, electronic,
Label: Bump Foot
reviewer: Mark X

Monkey Say Monkey Do is a fresh sounding breakbeat orientated track featuring funky beats and what sounds like a smart human language speaking monkey at the microphone. I don’t know what it sings, something about the time? Its 45 , 35? It doesn’t matter really as this monkeys voice is cute and adorable & the rolling happy beat-works are a great match for the monkey talk and doing what it does. Don’t expect a monkey trapped in a zoo throwing poop at the wall, but one free as a bird and out and about swinging of happiness for its own entertainment. (Of course you can join in and be entertained too)

The second track is named ‘very’ and features no monkey and is compared to the previous beat work a very nice and chill out slow house track that has all the things to make it smell authentic. You know the claps, some easy going percussion and the unmistakable house stabs that makes this kind of music so classic and yet so timeless. I know that my mind should like the monkey-tune more because it’s cute and came with some funky banana-friendly beats, but as a sucker for old school minimal techno house stuff I guess I would give high ranking stars to praise this side of the release.. But as nobody cares (or shouldn’t care..) for personal preferences and opinions of wanking reviewers; you should hear these two tracks for yourself. They are very different from each other which makes it easy to find your own favorite between the two. I have a feeling you’d like the monkey more, but who knows you might find houses cute too (and they are clear from poop throwing reputations..) . Find out which one is your favorite by hearing them over at the following link:

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Various Artists – The 8kbps Compilation

Artist: Various Artists
title: The 8kbps Compilation
cat: Siro746
keywords: lobit, 8kbps, extreme lobit, low-bit, lowbitrate, compilation, electronic, acoustic, electro, techno, minimal, chiptune, classical, noise,  experimental, ambient,
label: Sirona-Records

The lobit rate comes in various degrees.. But the 8kbps level is in most circles the one that really pushes artists/composers and music makers to their limits to create a compostion that is sounding good and keeps the size ultimately small and friendly. It’s a difficult thing for some producers to get, but luckily for listeners it is very easy to hear. (and it can be downloaded in a rapid speed as it clearly doesn’t take up space at all..) To celebrate the 8kbps sound and disproof the claim that lobit is just noise, the netlabel Sirona has compiled a compilation full of the 8kbps sound. Some might even say ‘extreme lobit’ but in this case I would like to add ‘extremely pleasant lobit’ ..

This is a compilation of lobit stars doing a reunion and some new bees that Hopped along as they stuck their heads in. The biggest name on here is a legendary one. One that makes the fame of deceased Michael Jackson looks pale in comparison and is praised worldwide for its genius musical mind. We believe he recently did a massive sold out concert at some music convention in Paris (showing the kids how it is done) and now headlining the 8kbps compilation. Your Name a composer just as free as the lobit genre does the honorable cutting of the lint to open this celebration of music by starting with an exclusive piano piece named 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8. In case you didn’t notice; that was 8 times 8 which might be a hint to the composing style that was used by this self-claimed genius. There couldn’t have been a better celebrity than Your Name biting the first part of the apple off and with total joy and excitement in my fingers I would like to announce the next hero over here: c4!

c4 is not as mainstream as Your Name but is a name that is a prominent one in the finest underground family. He has a huge catalogue of music, albums and releases and is a diehard lobit core member pushing this genre to the very limits filling it with love and of course fantastic music. For this compilation c4 has brought in a very trippy piece of deep down and dirty repetitive lobit dance music named ‘Repeater’. I don’t know how c4 does it, (it must be his secret cocktail of cheap beer and coffee) but he always knows to make his tracks indulgingly trippy and this track is certainly all about that. The beat that kicks steady while smooth house paths are pushing the vibe forwards for the ultimate old school techno vibe which sounds perfectly 8kbps friendly.

New to the 8kbps way of life is the sexy Jane van Noise, all the way from Germany the artist had send in a track named ‘Sometimes I need Distance (8kbps edit)’. I guess by it being a 8kbps edit, that there must be also a version lower of perhaps in a higher bitrate, but Jane van Noise would probably agree that the track sounds so much nicer, warmer and even friendlier in this in popular western societies mainly underrated underdog of encoding rates. The music sounds very melodic, lively and happy. It’s as if the track in itself is all smiles to finally have embraced the warmth of the extreme lobit sides of life. A happy moment that makes me dream of a girl in lederhosen slapping her own upper legs in a beautiful field full of lovely flowers. It can be anything of your choice really, but whatever it is that you imagine while hearing this music; it for sure is a happy moment.

An artist name that I had not encountered before in the small lobit world, is one that goes like ‘From the Willowmeadow’. My ears are gracefully accepting this artists submission named ‘Once Sky High’ as it is sounding as professional as the more veteran music makers in the lobit field (perhaps it’s a secret veteran with a secret identity?). The music is a fascinating ambient work that goes very deep in captivating the attention with a surreal tone change that goes gradually and smoothly. The added instruments that come with the dataloss over here are not disturbing but certainly accentuating the beauty of the content in this track. When the music stops; I simply wish it hadn’t stopped.

A really great thing to see is the name of underground legend ‘Sascha Müller’, This artist has been around for years running his own labels, being on labels and has multiple fascinating projects. He has lots of lobit experience which truly comes to light in his work named ‘Tra’. It’s even though its high tones of holiness coming across to me as a dark track that shimmers a song of somekind of sorrow or longing to something. Perhaps I’m just overly sentimental by just seeing and hearing Sascha Müller on this compilation. The music is worth to hold your breath for so you can take every bumbling ambience in with great respect for this musical ambient/techno/noise/experimental master of the underground.

The next artist named ‘vzlproj’ (is this the legendary ‘vziel project’?) comes with a short work named ‘hutx erffg rrh6`6j’ in which we can hear some various vocal moment of an overly happy or excitement woman that honks a horn while laughing and giggling like a hyacinth bucket on weed. vzlproj manipulates the sounds and make the woman sound even more silly than the original recording probably was before. Good for a smile and a giggle.

The compilation has really a great selection of mind-blowing artists on board and for the following I take off my hat and do a firm and graceful bow (I suggest you should do too). He is the king of the 8kbps sound, the man with so much love and dedication to this sound that it is inspirational and a true reliable corner stone to the entire lobit scene. He runs the always amazing lobit netlabel 8Ravens, which specializes in all music in the 8kbps sound. A amazing label which you definitely should check out if you the time and a fuelled emotion of curiosity. I’m talking of course about the experimental artist named ‘jjoth’! Here he delivers a track (TT Cross) which is very him and a good introduction perhaps to what this artist makes so great. A shimmering rhythm, the essence of melody, the eye for experimentation and true underground music that listens to no one but you might listen and enjoy it for free.

I can’t review the following track as it is done by a melted personality that I simply are too close with. I would say it’s a bit of a ‘Basterd Child’ of mine which finally got a place to live within this compilation of classic lobit family friends. The name of the bastard child is ‘Toxic Flat Chicken Affect’ which could be traced back to proud parents Flat Affect and a certain chicken.

Another great surprising surprise comes with ‘Hello’ by (famous for its breaks, beats and hyper activity productions) the artist named Pogohm. Here he throws all pre-consumptions away by doing something absolutely different than expected and delivers a very cute and lovable melodic friendly tune. It has a summer feeling and is so adorable that you want to pick it up and squeeze its cheeks as if it’s a chiptune-ish puppy. Something to snug up to and dance in the summer sun without problems on the mind.

Fabio Crivellaro comes with an experimental track named ‘With This Beat I’ll Perm Your Hair’ which is kind of a very gentle thing to do.. I mean who doesn’t want a free perm? You have to expend the ears to truly enjoy the beat that is doing the perming as it is quite the free basing one. It’s like hip-hop without the hop but more with the ‘chop’ replacing it. Lobit Hip-chop could be a nice genre theme to add this one in.

An artist named ‘Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot’ gives us a work named ‘Walking In A Street’ which sounds like a Hollywood lobit soundtrack for a cult movie of some kind. The special effects of footsteps and environment come across as included, but the melody of excitement with (it must be) bearded choir guys singing over the lo-fi keyboard trumpet sounds like a pretty unique combination to me.

Than out of all unexpected surprises, there was one that astonished me the most. The presence of an artist named ‘Back to the Fucking Future’ who is known for being behind the scenes of bringing the floppy diskette back to life and embracing the lobit scene with love and dedication with the label ‘Diskette Ettikette’. Here this illustrious and mysterious futuristic artist (I do not drop names) brings a classical work named ‘Cello Symphony for 8 Bits’ which is something you should hear near a fire place with the volume up and a glass of expensive liquor in your hand. It’s the soft buzz, the deep depth of the Cello Symphony that makes this moment surreally posh and classy. It doesn’t even surprise me when the beautiful entangled voice of an opera songstress joins this classic work into one that makes the lobit scene like an expensive pot of caviar; a delicate taste for the upper lower classes of the lobitrate.

A beautiful work of light music comes by a veteran producer ‘djozr’. The music track is called ‘the flatwoods encounter’ and sounds full of lobit love with small and petite brew of tones that sound warm and easy going material for so well the mind as the ears. A lengthy work that has enough potential to fully relax the encountering listeners that indulge themselves in this excellent collection that proofs that the extreme lobit rate is actually a great place for beautiful music.

..And beautiful music is exactly what artist Symplocarpush delivers with ‘initiate61’. It’s a bit short and too my ears it comes across as the artists first steps in the world of 8kbps. But this is like a highlighting moment as the artist’s work steps successfully without the help on anyone over the lobit borders and brings a lovely piece of melodic music.

A moment that certainly gets a reward when the legendary lovely music maker Origami Repetika comes in with all its knowledge of melodies, love for the lobit sound and just his expertise of music in general. The track ‘Worm’s Abundance’ really comes across as a deep story with an uplifting flair that makes me want to do a form of ballroom dancing that is graceful and yet done with a lovely smile. Origami Repetika always makes me happy and I believe the secret is probably because it’s so very personal and passionate without a negative vibe. Always a recommended listen..

The next track is one by someone I can’t talk too much about. It’s yet again a close relative which would make me not even biased, but overly insanely biased too say some words about it. So I refrain from it and let your own ears do their judgmental things for themselves. It’s ‘Toxic Chicken’ with a track named ‘Luna Banani goes hoola hoop’…

Hectic Head isn’t a stranger to lobit land, or netlabel land or the underground in general. I’m not really sure if he had stepped in the extreme sound of 8kbps before producers wise, but as we can all agree; here we can hear Hectic Head soaked in deep in the 8kbps sound. His work is named ‘The Lost Zone’ which is a great title for his track that sounds like the purest form of lobit fuzz that brings out all its warmth to the foreground and leaves you there to wonder around in.

An artist I’m not familiar with is the one that is named ‘Pirtek’, it brings an experimental noise track to the compilation which is titled ‘Prokaryotes’. To me it sounds like going on a pair of jet-ski behind a speedboat and go for a hard core ride over the waves with lots of splashes of water all in the microphone as the captain of the boat does its best to make us fall off into the cold water… But we are holding on!

DiZE7 brings a catchy danceable beat to the scenery and the muffled sound really adds a prettiness in the feeling of it. The track ‘8b-dh’ got me dancing and tapping my feet like an orchestrator at a spaced out techno party with cotton candy in both my ears.  Bubbling minimalism that always seem to get me moving.

Another lobit hero, veteran, friend, brother and underground groundbreaking father that makes all these things (including this very own compilation) possible is ‘Pollux’. Here the French artist brings an organic piece of ambient tones with a slumbering beat as a rhythm for extra pleasant comfort. I love how the beat heats up the final moment and wish it all could be miles longer.

But luckily miles longer would be too long of a wait to hear the fabulous return of one of the most respected lobit composers out there ‘The Cryovolcano’. I think most lobit civilians are always excited when new Cryovolcano activity appears and after a little bit of non-activity you can expect the artist to be fully back on track this year! If you pay attention you can see that Cryovolcano is now not just Cryovolcano but had added ‘The’ in front of his already legendary name. So if that not speaks to you and triggers a form of ultimate excitement than you should check out the ‘Helping Hands’ track the artist specially created for this compilation. Here he delivers the full set of a bubbling catchy electronic bass melody, a groovy rhythm and his ultimate robotdroids vocals that will leave your ears astonished when realizing it’s all done and sounding so superbly clear in this extreme lobit rate.
I know my writing and enthusiastic love for this artist goes a bit out of proportions over here, but I just received the news that his newest album will come out on a self-released tape cassette which everyone should get! (will let you know when this must have goody is out..)

From the overly praises of the former artist it’s a bit of an awkward situation to return to a more or less more pure 8kbps sound that is delivered by this artist named ‘Gefilte Fist’. The lobit rate eats the work ‘The Most Exciting Math Theory I Guess’ completely and we can munch on it along with our hungry ears.

The track ‘morning when I went’ by ‘copor’ is the first guitar orientated work on this 26 track counting compilation. It is just already for that fact a very pleasant refreshment among the others and music wise it is pretty too. The soft background sound creates an exclusive warm atmosphere while the crystal guitar in tiself is played with great room for the background to come out and appear. A track that made me think of being close to a musician who has a love relationship with an instrument that could translate feelings by playing notes.

Project’s Stretch is like a dark mysterious soundtrack that creeps up on my ears like a doomed world that settles in the middle of some strange natural environment like a forest. It’s a thrill to listen if you have a enough imagination to go for an aural travel and a love for something as mysterious as this Project.

The one and only Dr. NoiseM (who is someone legendary, but under this moniker is out there to make a reputation as a pure madmen in the noise scene destroying all other music). Here Dr. NoiseM present a track called ‘The Killboy’ which strangely comes across as highly orchestrated fuzz with pulsive impulses that keeps it somewhere in a thrill kill and something that is easy going. A bit of a weird one if you asked me (which on its own is already something than worth to check out I guess) It’s like Dr. NoiseM is calling you with a whistle as he steps around waiting for a fuzzy victim to operate on..

The last track is done by one of those other legendary outsider artists that I’m always excited to hear from. Ichtyor Tides is the name and the music track is titled ‘Hazlav’. Which probably is a wink to the actor David Hasselhoff. For some reason this track comes over as very hollow, almost as if the inspirational actor had again filled up his liver and mixed it with a burger to basically pass out and only leaves small little crispers and some soft breathing noises in the mix.. It’s a very quiet peace, so a good way to end a successful reunion of lobit worldwide lobit people and some new faces that came out to see what the 8kbps sound is all about.

You can hear all these tracks described above with your own ears by downloading this compilation for free to fully appreciate the wonderful diversity of the 8kbps sound:

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Head Joint – Inspired By

Artist: Head Joint
title: Inspired By
keywords: electronic, experimental, psychedelic, ambient,
label: Charlotte Sometimes

Well excuse me.. I’m so sorry.. But can you wait just a little second or so ? as I’m having trouble typing to you and rolling a Head Joint… Yeah that’s right; a Head Joint.

What? You don’t know what a Head Joint is? Oh geez.. Well okay.. Because you are so nice, I’ll roll my Head Joint later after explaining it to the curious among you.

Okay a Head Joint is basically the seeds of a lot of instruments and equipment with lots of various and diverse influences of different styles and music genres. You have to mix it with the creative minds of Cictor Rivkin & Michael Jobborn and then roll it all up in a paper, light it on fire on one side and the other side you can place between your lips (mind you I’m talking about the ones on your face) and then you can inhale the Head Joint until the content is all turned into ashes.

Why? Well if you inhale this Head Joint properly a right amount of musical vapors will come out. Even people not engaging in smoking a Head Joint (it might be shared among the lips of friends) can hear the music as it will come out like little clouds from the smokers’ ears.

Today because of you being so interested in the content of a Head Joint, I’ll make a special flavored one. Yes, you can just add any kind of music you like really, just make sure you crumble it and spread it nicely in the paper among the usual ingredients. For now I thought to add some inspirational flavors of the music of Tangerine Dream and John McLaughlin/Shakti..

Okay.. Give me a second, right? Okay.. Thanks..

{the crumbled music, styles and equipment and Cictor Rivkin & Michael Jobborn is mixed with the just discussed inspiration, rolled up in a paper with some saliva that functions as glue}

Ah, okay thank you for your time.. Do you want to have the honor to light the Head Joint up?

Cool! Well here you go my dear listener. Yes, that’s right.. Hold it between your lips like that and suck on it a bit while I light the other side with this lighter that the angel wings forgot in the previous review.

{click click tssss}

Oh yes reader, you are doing it! Inhale and suck on the musical Head Joint.. Can you feel it? No?
Inhale deeper, it has to go through the lungs towards the ears.. Hold it in.. Yes, hold it in before turning blue from the lack of fresh oxygen and then blow it our through the nose and if possible through the ears..
Excellent.. Excellent!

Are you sure you have never smoked a Head Joint before? … How are you feeling? Pretty relaxed right? A bit powerful too, he? Yes Head Joints are known for its powerful relaxing ways.. What? Ah yes, the fumes have a futuristic taste that’s totally normal.. Hey.. Can I have some too?

Thank you..

{puff puff}

Look my friend I can hold the smoke of the Head Joint for 3 minutes… blow it out of my left ear and then out of my right ear. Little musical clouds! Ah I believe you had smoked all the way through the Tangerine Dream inspiration, I have clearly the honor to suck on the weird part of this Head Joint. I can hear trumpets, shakers, tambourines, tripped out hippy who sings as if being private under the shower in a whole Brady bunch of Stoney Maloney played instruments that kind of live a life on their own and yet are awkwardly together. Damn it’s tripping me out.. The whole floor and house everything is moving and you my friend, you look like a baboon.. Haha I’m sorry this Head Joint is pretty strong.. Too much inspiration I guess..
You want to smoke the last bit?
Or want to have a full one? I prepared it just in case.. I could see from a distance that you might be a Head Joint smoker pretending not to know what it was.. Haha.. Well here you go buddy, enjoy it responsibly:

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Wings of an Angel – Lightworkers Are Us

Artist: Wings of an Angel
title: Lightworkers Are Us
keywords: ambient drone, melancholic, transcendental

I don’t know what to say other than that a miracle had happened. The wings of an angel had come to me through an email! The wings had probably enough of carrying the weight of the angel that they were attached on as the angel itself was nowhere to be seen. It’s okay, I’m already honored to just receive these flapping feathery friends. What am I saying? I’m over the moon! Such an honor!

So uh what do these angel wings wanted? Inform me from a upcoming apocalypse? Telling me in advanced the winning lottery numbers? Ah.. No way! These angel wings have been making music.. Tons of music.. A overwhelming amount of music even.. What to do.. What to do.. I mean reviewing this all would be the work of another patient wingless angel and I’m personally not equipped to be pure enough and probably also don’t have centuries of time to go through all of these creations..

The tensions are hot high and almost religious. How to please these angel wings by giving an ear to their request and review at least something that would be loved by many and cherished by even a couple of readers more? A random pull out of the sack of the music albums and releases by these Angelles wings would be deciding the faithful faith of which music would come to the spot light…

It’s …. No… Not Toys are Us but … A release named ‘Lightworkers are us’! And lucky for us, it comes with a whole bunch of wise quotes of light. Let’s just be crazy and copy paste them all for us stupid heads to admire and read (can be done in reverse).

“There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart”
(Chandogya Upanishad)

Light bulbs may be new on evolutionary time scales, but campfires have been around for about 400,000 years. Wouldn’t natural selection have killed off moths whose instinct tells them to go kamikaze every time they feel blinded by the light?”
(Natalie Wolchover)

Remember the clear light, the pure clear white light from which everything in the universe comes, to which everything in the universe returns; the original nature of your own mind. The natural state of the universe unmanifest. Let go into the clear light, trust it, merge with it. It is your own true nature, it is home”.
(Tibetan Book of the Dead)

“Quicker than a ray of light”

“If you light a lamp for someone else,
it will also brighten your path”.

“If you light a fire you might burn things”
(Peter Pyromanic)

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light.”
(Albert Schweitzer)

‘If you woke up in a bed while being unable to see because the room is darkened, it is advised to find the light switch and switch it on to reveal some light so you will be able to see where you are’
(Someone smart)

“I hope you don’t mind me poking some light-weight fun’

But next to all these inspiring quotations this release on itself is most prominent in its discovery in light through music. You have to take your time for it as it is unlike the quote of the lightswitch not the case of a click and it’s on and another click and it’s off. Well that is of course also possible but you don’t want to disrespect a pair of angel wings do you? But what I meant was that this ambient piece is one that is one that slowly unfolds the light in the music one fold at a time.

I imagine that this work would be perfect to hear while sitting in a teahouse made of glass on a summers day. The sunlight that will shine through the glass and the warm light of these angel wings will slowly help you to lose weight by giving so much pleasant light that the tea house might be relabeled as a sauna. Imagine drinking a earl grey tea in the sauna in a glass house full of light and you feel like instantly taking you clothes off and let the light of the sun and the angel wings touch you all over your body while heating the inside with the tea. It’s hot stuff if you think about it.
Maybe the tea house of glass summer tea drinking party in this bath of full bright warm light might be even fatal for some, so please be careful and don’t tell anyone that you got this treatment for sweating out some excessive fats over here at Yeah I Know It Sucks.

It might be better to hear this album in a better less overdosing place of light. It can even be perfect to be heard in the dark or in the moonlight. The music will keep folding layers of light over your thoughts, skin and inside your ears all the way down to the heart that is so greatly described in these inspirational quotes you could have read earlier on. Either way, it takes my breath away that this is done by the wings of an angel without any annoying background noise of flapping wings. It’s really a nice ambient work that goes well with relaxing and perhaps even a good soundtrack for when going on a trip to dreamland. Either way, it’s a blessing to hear all this light coming from the unexpected visiting angelwings; I really hope you will enjoy the light music too which you can find at the link that magically appears below:

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Arnold Faber – Lounge For Lizards

Artist: Arnold Faber
title: Lounge For Lizards
Keyword: chill, chill-out, lounge, electronic, funk, toronto

Lounge for Lizards or as they say among lizards ‘The Lizard Lounge’ is a fine place for lounging lizards. The Lizard Lounge has three large rooms but the most prominent one is the ‘chill zone’ in which Lizards could spend plenty of time chilling. Pillows on the floor, a classy disco-ball turns in the low level ceiling and the favourite Lizard delicatessen and refreshing Lizard beverages are of course all served in a good and appropriate lizard surface. The lizard waiters swing their tales politely not to step on any of the chilling lizard lounge costumers who obviously find themselves in a perfect chill out state of mind, not only because of the cozy and relaxed environment but it also got a great deal to do with the special lizard friendly lounge music.

The second room in this famous Lounge for Lizards experience is called ‘New Blue Soft-Shoe’ a for humans perhaps a weird name for a lounge room, but for Lizards it’s absolutely normal. You know, soft blue shoes are one of those preferred things that the lizard population is very fond off. It’s one of these precious things that they can cuddle with, give to friends and sniffing them.. oh sniffing them makes these Lizards most relaxed. In fact all the lizards in this room of the Lizard Lounge are so chilled out that they can just watch the ceiling for hours. The room has its own fitting soundtrack that won’t disturb any of the lounging sniffing soft blue shoes users when finding themselves in a comfortable position.

The third room is strangely called ‘Beware Of Midnight Mickie’. It’s named after ‘Midnight Mickie’ who had ruined the lounge visiting lizards quite some years ago by selling the customers fake soft blue shoes from under the counter. Midnight Mickie’s soft blue shoes were sold for a cheaper price but were extremely addictive but because of dodgy illegal manufacturing, the sniffing lizards who bought from Midnight Mickie became terminally depended on this dodgy product with fatal health issues. Midnight Mickie was of course banned from the Lizard Lounge, but a little warning by naming this chill out zone after what had happened made the chilled out Lizards always beware for Midnight Mickie or other Lizards who had the same bad intentions as Mickie.
The Lizard Lounge is not available to visit for humans, but you can hear the soundtracks that they play over at the following link. (trust me, it is also for humans good chill out music to relax too.. you might even try to sniff a soft blue shoe.. but make sure it isn’t one of Midnight Mickie…)

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The Fake Masters – Stoned wifes unplugged-strumming part II (1995)

Artist: The Fake Masters
title: Stoned wifes unplugged-strumming part II (1995)
keywords: stoned wifes strumming fake masters
label: Ekafon

After some hoochy poochy we can whistle to the mice that are trapped on a tape. A manipulator presses the buttons of ‘fast forward’ and ‘play’ as the mice squeak and squeal to keep in track of the speed of rotation. Luckily the stoned housewives come in for help and strum their lives away making the mice on tape calm and the music more organic.

The stoned housewives strum their guitar jollier and almost uncanny in a line-dance fashion. The background fuzz captures less activity, as if the mice on tape are keeping a low profile not to get stuck between a snared instrument.

The mice team up with singing birds and sound like they are hiding a bit under cardboard boxes. Perhaps there are corn flakes left for them to eat and nibble on. The housewives that are still stoned strumming give this part of the tiny munchers munching the proper restaurant background music.

A parrot or a rubber shoe makes an entrance when cluttering chickens can be heard attempting to speak the human language. The recording microphone sits in the recording artists pocket for extra by-effects. The stoned housewives strum as if their happy lives depend on it and the mice and chickens are going for rides in miniature cars and toy trains while engaging in nonsensical conversations. Can it be that they are stoned from second hand housewives smoke?

The party parties on and so goes the strumming. A strange flute of joy begins to flute and all the little nibbling chatterboxes are dancing, nose whistling and pretending to reenact police sirens by farting as the stoned housewives strum until they strum no more. The end begins when the housewives stop and we are overwhelmed by enough cluttering conversation and something that could be the whole bunch running for a tram.

The party goes on inside the tram, the mice, the chickens and even the stoned housewives are strumming again when the vehicle moves over the lanes. The breaks can be heard and manipulated as if the whole sound experience was just a sound effect trapped on a cassette and triggered by the magical touch of a single finger.

If that sounds interesting to you, than feel free to download it for free and have some fun with it:

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