murmurists – I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You (ALRN049)

Faeces of Death

Faces of Death

Artist: murmurists
Title: I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You
Label: Alrealon Musique
Cat#: ALRN049
Keywords: Experimental, Ambient, Avant-garde, Soundtrack
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Not everyone knows this, but there are many different layers of the underground. Here’s a convenient chart:

The Levels of Underground
Sometimes, an “indie” will burst up through fissures in the surface of pop, but it’s not too frequent of an occurrence.

Mount Yorke
Then, also, there’s shit like this: deserving your ears, but still just so… wild and experimental that it will perhaps lay buried under the mantle forever, despite really needing so much more attention from humanity. murmurists are a project I’m pretty familiar with, as years ago I put out some of the artists’ music on my old label Noise-Joy. They were one of my favourite projects, as well… so, needless to even say, I was quite excited when I received this album of theirs, out on the always-fantastic Alrealon Musique label!

That happened, like… forever ago, though. Yes, while it saddens me to reveal this shameful truth, I’ve been sitting on this egg for a very long time now, curious what may lay within but unable to bring myself to crack its shell and scramble myself with its contents. Like dropping acid, or milking a prostate… it just needed the right time.

Well… that time is now! I really can’t, in good conscience, put this off any longer.

The disc spins in its tray, and… oh! Sound! ‘I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You’ begins with some inscrutable cacophony, drumheads and cymbals being rhythmically smashed, a low scream. Suddenly, a break… in which a gritty soundscape emerges. Timpani… a voice. Poetry, spoken word. Electronic damages, a textural bliss-void. Where are we going, how did we get there… it feels like a caravan of glitch moving across an expanse of dunes and steppes. Rolling mechanical parts, a dirge of clicks and rolled tape, a digitized pad drifts above. More spoken word… when the new voice leaves us, we are in the dark, a gloomy and desolate industrial park. Another voice… the recordings, I’m told from the liner notes, were from all over, and there are a lot of guests on this album. The vocal poem here with an accent reminding me of Anne Clark. More voices… the spoken word pieces feel like a individual monologues woven into a conversation by subject. Distorted drum grooves enter. Shimmering endless background abyss… sung verses in a frozen hell. This, and the looped ambiance that follows are so far the most moving sections of the album I’ve heard. As it fades away, the timpani re-emerges. This whole thing is bizarre. Space, here, after the last poem, punctuated by low, harmonic timbres of manipulated sound. It feels like we’re traveling with insomnia through the leaky pipes of an apartment complex with the hums of distant refrigerators our only companion. Poetry, and the sonic blasts of broken thresholds, electronic pulses cavorting. Soon after, a textured horror VHS witch vibe… more poetry… arrangements of noise like applause. Warped, unidentifiable noises, revving like a motor but spun like silk. It’s like someone opened the front door and a gust of wind let itself in. Sounds quite stormy. Sharp, resonant signal… reversed sound of something kicked over, and animals in the dark… a harmony of pads, very lovely. Falls away, replaced by a glitchy audio voice mail message, very unsettling and nice. One of the things I love most about murmurists is that the projects’ soundwork is always so mutational. After the next bit of poetry, distorted electronics play atonally and loop, sickly. More timpani! Some of the poetry here is recited as if a monologue from a David Lynch film, though I try to avoid referencing David Lynch directly when it can be avoided because he’s not the only weird film-maker out there. A textural ambient space opens, of gutteral frequencies. As they begin to mellow and the mood shifts perceptibly, the effect is very nice, however brief. Poetry… then, some noise! Birthed chaos. Loving the harmonies of the lower order bass synths. The mix is like a world thrust open now, there is a filling of dead space with reverberations, noises with unknown origin… screams, guitar, choir, feedback.

Well, it was worth a wait! I hope you’ll consider getting this for yourself at the link. What link, you ask? Why, this one of course:

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The Caring Babies – Another New Fred

Artist: The Caring Babies
title: Another New Fred
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: pop, popular song, contemporary, catchy, lobit, lofi, adult music, sing songwriting, rag dollpop, rock, alternative, toytronic, Hartford, floppy, floppy diskette
label:Wrieuw Recordings

Sometimes discovering new music is like meeting an individual, or in this case; two inseparable individuals: Matt Mazur and Redgie (the computer playing songwriter who also happens to be a rag-doll.) The moment that the work of these two came in my eyes and ears, I felt hooked and loved. (Not necessarily in that order..)

I liked it so much that I wanted to share it immediately with all the nice people, posting it in digital mailboxes, online forms and then deleting it all again when a hint of paranoia came flying in containing the worry to come across as a mad spamming lunatic.

Luckily there is Yeah I Know It Sucks, A place in which it isn’t called spam when you share something you absolutely got excited about; an outlet with the basic need to spread the word of quality music to the people that matter the most; you.

And what is it that got me so excited? A lot, but the hype started with a very brilliant and lively brand new music video which is a must hear and see. So come on girls and boys, the elderly, animals and cuddly dolls; put up the volume and enjoy ‘The man who wrote the songs’ by Caring Babies.

Wasn’t that amazing? Could you feel the love? How about the cute disorientating special effects in the video? Did you noticed the cat and did you see Matt doing his thing while Redgie played the computer? Are you doodling an idea now for a song?
And what about the music? Isn’t it the ultimate catchiness?

As you have noticed this song is of a very good vibe, very warm and loving. It goes in to my heart and warms up like a warm knitted sweater and a fancy pair of comfortable woolen socks in winter time. The songwriting (I believe done by Redgie) is one that is high up with the masterful masters of songwriting skills, creating a very relatable uplifting text that anyone on almost first listen can sing or at least hum along with. In fact every time now when you think about the words for a song, you’ll probably just hear this song being played in your head instead..

^ Matt (on the left) and Redgie (on the right)

^ Matt (on the left) and Redgie (on the right)

If Redgie the rag doll gets the credit for the brilliant song writing, Matt deserves the ultimate credit for the perfect tone and accentuations while performing the song. His voice and the music that he plays are done in a way that once it goes into the ears and reached the brain of the music lover, it stays inside the brain that suddenly functions a bit like a sponge that doesn’t want to leave the tune ever again.

In case of being ‘pop’ and ‘catchy’ Redgie and Matt score high prices with this tune. The Caring Babies make this song into a contagious and positive addiction that you feel like you need to keep spreading it around to friends, family, loved ones, puppies, kittens, furry and feathery friends and the collection of dolly dolls. It’s a tune catchier than any mainstream ‘pop’ act and yet it is alternative enough to be almost buried under a classy cultural wing of creative obscurism.

You can work your whole life in the world of archeology digging up pyramids and other treasures, but discovering ‘caring babies’ would be the ultimate discovery that makes life worth living.
We all agree with that, right?
( Glad we all agree. )

Tastes might differ from person to person but quality music stays quality and quality music of a rather special kind is exactly what Matt & Redgie aka ‘The Caring Babies’ are all about. They have already released three albums which you can check out over at their official Bandcamp account….
bandcamp…but as it’s a special day in a special moment in time you are hereby informed of a surprise! A brand new ‘Caring Babies’ release which is not even officially released yet! And that catchy song you have just heard in the music video is on it!!

Its name is ‘ Another New Fred ‘ and it’s absolutely brilliant. Through dodgy ways the album has reached my hands in its original shape of a nifty looking floppy diskette. Yes, The song heard above and two other must hear wonderful songs of labor and love will be available on floppy diskette and as you could hear, the aesthetics sounds delightfully clear and atmospheric in all its coziness.

Next to the obvious hit single ‘The man who wrote the songs’ , another very loveable song named ‘Cool Castle Adventure’ is also bringing joy on this diskette. It’s a song that is not only coming across as music made to enjoy with friends, but also as if the song in itself can be ‘your friend’. A adventurous song text that gets warmly greeted with a lovely hook of a warm baseline and a pretty chord progression.

Without a follow up single this release would not be complete and that’s where the song ‘Mister Cellphone’ comes in. The music is absolutely nifty, very well done and comes across as a little joyride which behind a scene of fun does some social commentary or perhaps a bit of mockery on the modern days of today in which more people are attached to their cellphones as if they are stuck to them because someone applied some superglue to the speaking part. The music makes it a song for a little dance in which probably all cellphones or dance along or just will be forgotten for the time that the tune plays and does its magical thing.

^ look this is the back arwork of this precious floppy release by The Caring Babies. It gives the tracklist and a picture of a cute two headed baby...

^ look this is the back arwork of this precious floppy release by The Caring Babies. It gives the tracklist and a picture of a cute two headed baby…

All in all a really great must hear release, very fun, great song writing, warm loving and happy catchy music by this wonderful duo. Good news is that if you go tomorrow/today (depends on your time zone, and if you are reading this on the date of publishing the article)  to the floppy festival ‘Floppy Totaal’ in Worm, Rotterdam the Netherlands; you could obtain this lovely release before anyone else.

But if you are not around or occupied with other things and miss out on this opportunity, you’ll just have to wait until the 9th of December as than this delightful must have release will be officially released through one of the cutest labels in the world ‘Wrieuw Recordings’! until than you might want to check out:
The Caring Babies on:
their official Bandcamp..
The Caring Babies on Blogspot.
or check Matt’s Youtube for hours of fun.


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Death Register – Phonaesthesia

Artist: Death Register
title: Phonaesthesia
format: C90 Cassette
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, noise, United Kingdom
label: Invisible City Records

^ this hard dubbed black C90 cassette could be yours!

Good news for the reputation of the drones, a sparkle of positivity might be added thanks to Death Register’s Phonoaesthesia. There are only 40 copies of this positive point of drone available in the world and each of them has the physical shape and format of a hard dubbed black C90 cassette.

Does this mean that these drones on ‘Phonaesthesia’ aren’t equipped to fly like the other drones that enjoy a rather negative reputation at the moment? Well in a certain way this answer can be answered with a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. No they don’t fly like the other drones, but ‘yes’ they certainly give some kind of flotation inside the mind of someone who plugs into the sounds of this Death Register.

Three pieces are there, starting with one simply named ‘P’. The P can stand for many things (Pubic, Poop, Piss, Penis, Prostate, Porn..) But in this case it just might be just standing for the word ‘Perfect’.
It’s such a soothing drone piece, very nice and slow. I can’t say it comes across as dark and neither can I say it comes across as bright. It just manages to be somewhere in the middle, which keeps all misunderstandings from colors and shades at bay, which means that this drone could be one that brings people together. Just what we all needed: a peace drone!

The second drone is simply named ‘Q’ which can also stands for many things. (Qunt, Qagina, Qits, Qnus, Qum), but in this case it just might refer to the letter Q in the death register. This drone has a different tone, slightly still being a modern mediator, but there is some feeling of something emotional in there. On one side there is this beautiful warmth that goes ahead in full stereo; massaging the ears with a true intense feeling of pulsating soothing audio pulses. But there is also something that feels a bit as if a church choir consisting only of female members, has been pulverized to come out as a recycled wonderful layer of ambient drone to give these pulsating pulses a stable home base to hold on too.

The last drone who works hard for a more positive image of the perception of drones is one simply named ‘R’. This ‘R’ could refer to many things. ‘Roses, Red, Robocop, Ridiculous’ but it just might be the first letter of that clown from this popular image struggling hamburger chain. I can’t find a word with a ‘R’ that would describe this drone in one go as it is ‘Robust, Rovely, Reliable and Rather Romfortable..

It’s perhaps not even a drone! How about that? It might just be a Rare case of a mixup by bRinging a soothing ambient piece that goes for a slow and repetitive effect making it a perfect work for easy listening and perhaps also perfect listen material for beauty naps and die-hard-sleeping. In any case this ‘R’ knows how to suck the listener up in a warm layer that gets denser and more beautiful along the way of its durance. It moves out very slow and in a kind gentle way blending in with the silence that hopefully waits after successfully going through these lovable soothing positive ambient/drones.
You want to hear and enjoy them? Check this link:

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Street Sects and Hex Cult w/ May 1968 and DJ Vicki @ The Green Desert (11/23/2014)

The Green Desert thing
Artists: Street Sects, Hex Cult, May 1968, DJ Vicki
Venue: The Green Desert
Keywords: Live, Rhythmic Noise, Noise, Sludge
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

~ début

I went to visit some friends in Kansas City a couple days ago.

While drinking several glasses of cheap sangria and watching excerpts from The Decline of Western Civilization we discussed going to a show that somebody said was happening at a place called The Green Desert. It was being hosted by someone from HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC. The facebook promo page was pretty sparse, but the groups/projects performing sounded interesting and it gave us a vague idea of where the place was.

I accessed google maps to sneak a look around the vicinity to see if I could find a visual clue of where our destination would be…

Peepin' your mom's house brah!

Peepin’ ya mom’s house brah!

… I didn’t see anything that looked like it was The Green Desert venue, although I did find this dude walking around.

I was secretly hoping he'd be at the show so I could be like, "Woh, it's you! You're google maps famous!!!"

I was secretly hoping he’d be at the show so I could be like, “Hey, you’re google maps famous!!!”

We eventually got an address for the place and were assured it would be easy to find once we got there.

~ lieu…

The Green Desert conjures mental brain imagery of… a lush, sub-tropic oases in the middle of a dry expanse of hot sand… or maybe a pack of mentholated Turkish cigarettes… it turned out to be a house, actually.

I began to wish my house had a name. I began to wish I had a house. If I did, I’d probably call it something like John, The House.

“Hey, there’s a party at John tonight.”
“Um, you mean at John’s?”
“Nah, we’re having the party inside John.”
“Don’t worry, it’s cool, he’s a house.”
“Oh, ok.”

Anyway, we made our way out into the shitty, cold and rainy KC environ to find The Green Desert.

~ rendez-vous…

Once there, we found cars parked pretty much all over the place. We knocked on the front door and stood around on the porch nervously expecting someone to greet us with a shotgun or exposed penis, but instead we were welcomed in by friendly people with clothes and no guns.

There were a few people seated at a table in the kitchen. One of them was busy putting together a Simpsons puzzle, so I took a moment to chat with them about how puzzles like that are pretty hard and stuff. Of course, if I really take the time to sit there and work on one, it’s not bad, but of the world of puzzles jigsaws are probably my least favourite… they’re such a manual chore, and like a weird unclever-but-intellectualized replication of sex, the putting of knobs into like-shaped apertures in order to “create” some pre-figured design, like a kind of vulgar eugenics or something. In this case, Homer Simpson was the desired result.

Jigsaw puzzles can be pretty zen, though.

Pretty soon after we got there, a guy came in to tell us that 1) no smoking in the house, and b) this isn’t where the party is, we’d have to go to the basement.

So, The Green Desert turned out to be a basement.

It also wasn’t green.

It was dusty, though, and I coughed up a lot of green shite the next morning, so at least there was that. xD

~ premier (magicien absurde)…

In the basement, the first act was DJ Vicki, a very energetic guy playing loud and distorted rhythmic noise music using a laptop and what appeared to be either a smallish mixer/pa or a sampler type thing, all running through a shit Peavey amplifier! His set had some really nice, funky moments, though sometimes the grooves were kind of shit. Occasionally, there would be moments during which it sounded as if he were playing some diva house tracks, or chillwave or R&B or something through a relentless distortion module. He also had a mic, and would occasionally dance over to it and scream or make a noise of some kind, which sometimes worked and sometimes did not, but it was entertaining always. The most enigmatic aspect to the performance were ‘The Changes’… at times, very much at random, he would put on a motorcycle helmet, then for no reason remove it… then he’d put on a weed mask, then take it off. Once, he put on the weed mask, then put the helmet on over it. Then he took them both off. He also put on a coat for a little while, only to take it off a short while later.

I struggled with this… to find a key, a meaning to it all. It remains, for now, inexplicable.

People danced, and it was nice. I felt often that DJ Vicki was trying to implore me to dance, but I just had too much on my mind. A friend asked me at one point, “Where were all the young girls into noise when WE were doing this shit!?”

I don’t know. Somewhere out there.



Noise for me was always more of an inner journey of love, disgusting and brutal; harsh, even alien aesthetics. An obscure obsession. An illness.

~ boue rythmique…

The next act was a two-piece Sludge project called May 1968. It was really great, actually… the set was short, but was everything it needed to be. The drummer was intense, putting his entire body behind the sticks while profusely and unapologetically beating the drumset. The bassist generated dense bass tones with multiple diffuse resonant layers using a few fx pedals, it seemed to punch its way through the body. The set felt very tight, like they’d been working together for awhile. One thing I picked up on, though it was difficult to tell in retrospect whether it was a real thing or just imagined, was this subtle communication between the two people in May 1968 that seemed sort of like the drummer was antagonizing the bassist, like “What the fuck are you doing?” It was really hardly noticeable, though, but got me thinking about how it would be interesting for a project to play that aspect up, have two members antagonize each other with verbal abuse to drive up the tension of the set, like, “C’mon, what the fuck!? Faster! You need to go faster!” type shit. Just pure expressions of mid-west working class rage or something, in the face.

~ la fin…

At the end of that set, we had to go. We attempted to ghost out, but then someone reminded us we had to pay after we got to the front lawn. I was sad to miss the two headliners, but such is life.

In the aftermath, my ears were ringing, which I hadn’t had happen since seeing Ministry live in like, ’03 or ’04. And then, I ate a burrito.

But, the story does not end there! I must share links, so that you can hear for yourself the sounds of the artists who performed.

~ endroits externes…

DJ Vicki:

May 1968:

Hex Cult:

Street Sects:

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Dani House – Guitar Songs

Artist: Dani House
title: Guitar Songs
format: Floppy Diskette / digital
keywords: lobit, alternative, anti-folk, fort wayne, ghost-fi, gobblinpunk, post-swamp, pop, floppy, floppy disk, noise, indianapolis

Dani House has laid the first step to build his floppy house. The first stone is of course not really a stone, but indeed a floppy. Dani House has a lot of other floppies to fill to finalize this floppy house, but like all first settlements; this first floppy deserves lots of attention and praises or at least a warm welcoming well wishing.

Dani House’s first floppy is named ‘guitar songs’, which might suggest that this is a collection of guitar songs. But don’t be fooled; this is Dani House and Dani House simply doesn’t just do guitar songs. His music is of the kind that you can’t categorize so easily, which makes it so great that he has now dived into the genre of freedom named ‘lobit’.


Behold the wonderful first ever self released Floppy by Dani House, which contains an instant lobit party

The tracks are encoded in 40kbps to be precise. Not too low, not too high; giving the sound a beautiful Lo-fi feeling, with extra muffled loveliness which in Dani House’s way still manages to stay as top as any more hi-fi Dolby surround triple 4D sound purifying format would have sounded like, only with one difference; lobit just sounds 90.99 % better…

…but let’s get on with the actual music that you can find on this fun floppy. The first track is ‘This is a song about my guitar’ which is of course a song about the guitar of Dani House starting with a nice essemble of marching lunacy. It feels as if Dani House has brought in a cute Casio keyboard to sing and praise his lovely guitar for him.

He of course joins in with his soothing voice in which we all can be warm and feel happily embraced in. The atmosphere is one of a fun party in which the guitar just sits in a corner with a party hat on while Dani House serves a favorite cream pie of beautiful lobit madness. What a lovely happy welcome; makes me feel instantly happy and energized almost wanting to be a guitar in the household of Dani House.

‘Ground Beef Blanket’ starts off in a American fashion; bullets are flying in to the ears at a rapid gun fire, or perhaps just a happy spaghetti western introducing itself cowboy style. Before going too far into the broke back mountain zone, the bullet shots form energetic glitch beats and the guitar of Dani House comes out of a can of corned beef; nice and dirty with lots of meat hanging on to it.

The guitar is bullet proof and together they do an amazing setup of energetic beef beat hocopoco! Dani House joins in with his voice and everything that you can hear is smothered in the lovely aestatics of the lobit rate. The original input might have been already punk from the start, but the output is more punk than you could ever dream off. The bullets are directed into fine glitch compositions and the guitar sounds as a bass that smothers you delightfully in your face. This is what it is all about, people!

The reason why the lobit genre is so loved is probably because anything goes and anything can happen. You simply never know what to expect of this genre. That’s why the title of ‘Guitar Songs’ might be totally fooling some people on the spot. But wait until you hear another jolly jumper named ‘Guitar school (with you) which starts with a bombastic four by four punch kick, before letting in a whole circus of lovely madness.

I can’t seem to trace any guitar in it, or perhaps the lobit rate transformed it into a toy keyboard-ish wacko played melody? That’s the magic of lobit; it transforms things all for the greater good! But the circus sounds is one happy go lucky madness of double vocals singing in a warm style, steam trains are running over traditional folk music, and a deranged nice arrangement of funny rhythms are pie throwing each other while obviously aiming at your own ears.

The last track is ‘All my neighbors Know Your dog’s a Poseur he never play guitar like me’ which comes across like a happy brilliant invitation to get yourself toxicated. You’ll probably need it to understand the amazing arrangements that are captured over here. Think about Dani House going for a perfect freak out in a very friendly way.

If a guitar has a preset, Dani House would now know how to press it, blends it with alcoholics and sink cleaner to get the best happy high ending that would instantly hype you up to love the lobit once again with every inch of the ear and all what is attached to it.

Dani House might have been strolling through debunked lobit labels since its discovery of this petite friendly little world, but I’m sure Dani House blows in a fresh wind of fresh air!

This super floppy release together with the fact that the  lobit friendly floppy festivalFloppy Totaal‘ will be happening tomorrow (27 nov 2014)  in the Netherlands at Worm, Rotterdam (if you can’t make it, you can stream it!) ; it sure seems that these days are a amazing time for lobit lovers and their fancy physical outlets of the floppy diskette!

As we all know Bandcamp isn’t lobit friendly, so better give Dani House and his Guitar 3 dollar and let this amazing floppy come flying into your home and heart so you can hear these happy not-so-guitar-like tunes the way they are intended: in full lobit!!
Support Dani House’s future floppy house by obtaining your copy over at the following link:

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Tryouts – Blood Talk EP

artist: Tryouts
title: Blood Talk EP
keywords: electronic, dance, electronica, experimental, future, glitch, Toronto
reviewer: Willem van O.

Dance music for the soul… This is what the artist claims to make and in a way this statement is understandable.
Unfortunately not every soul likes to dance. Bodies, brains, arms, legs,fingers etc might like it though, but souls?
I guess its about taste, some souls probably will react to these fine produced electronica tracks with indeed a dance, and others will just stay wherever they are hiding and just let the rest of the body do whatever it wants with it.

That my personal soul just doesn’t want to give in to that open invitation to dance, doesn’t mean the music isn’t very good.
In fact my soul might be not here at the moment.. nothing unusual, just perhaps went out to the local grocery store for a midnight snack. In fact now that we have established that my soul isn’t here; I feel like we could just do a dance as if no one is watching or checking us out from either the in, or the outside. Freedom at last! Limbs moving around, legs wobble, arms swing and ears wiggle to these tracks on this ‘Blood Talk EP’. Their dance moves aren’t remarkable, but I have to report on the toes: the toes they truly know how to move in time. They move up and down, from left and right and even manage to do the ‘snake’ dance…

Every track has the fine production skills at work, everything that you hear is delightfully soaked in professional mastering it seems. The kicks, the snares, the ticks.. everything got a punchy feeling to it making it not in the slightest way odd that the toes are enjoying them so much. The melodies are also perfectly done, great use of the bass, nice choice of sounds; it’s all melodically on the pretty side of the electronica world. From very sweet and dream-like in a track like ‘Gone’ to more funky freaking while riding a synthesizer into heaven with a track named ‘Translucent Nothing’. This track in particular has a lot of joy shining inside of it, you can just hear the enthusiasm and fun that the artist has while producing this tune.

One of the highlights is this track named ‘Bruised’ which features the singing voice of Isabella Davis which goes excellent together with the almost hypnotic melancholic electronic melody by Tryouts. It’s almost like a duet in which the music and the singer are in harmonious synchronization with each other. The toes did not wobble, move or dance over here but that was not because they don’t enjoy this track like I have, but more because they enjoyed listening to it and didn’t want to disturb the sounds by showcasing their still limited dance skills. It’s perhaps a track more for listening’ my soul would say whenever it returns from shopping for its midnight snack.

The last track is one named ‘Earthly Shadow’ which is perhaps the most easy going one on this Blood Talk EP. I must say it made me wish for my soul to return to check it out.. But as it is still away, it is good to hear that someone else their soul is cultivating itself whiting this track. Who’s soul you might ask? The soul of Nick Jung who sings in this track like a soulful blues kroner with a electric piano-ish sound as its warm underlying friend and of course the other earlier met trademarks of sounds. A nice likable ending that is good for a night drive and leaves the listener with a warm feeling. And if you perhaps have a soul while listening; this soul probably would use it too crawl against, especially in the upcoming cold winter months..

Ah… there it is.. My soul just came in.. too bad the review is already written.. I might play the EP in private later on to check if indeed it will be dancing or (like predicted) just be lazy and let the rest of the body do all the work again..
You can do your own test at home by clicking the link at the bottom and check out this release with your own body and soul:

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