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Deftechnixks – Dfxx EP

artist: Deftechnixks title: Dfxx EP keywords: rock avant-garde experimental noise rock non-musical instruments polska prepared guitar racket screaming Poznań label: Underpolen https://underpolen.bandcamp.com/ The finer points of music are like inexpensive caviar to sit up and bark to the moon for. … Continue reading

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Eisenlager & Tabasa – Radio Japan, Radio Germany

Artists: Eisenlager & Tabasa title: Radio Japan, Radio Germany keywords: petroglyph-music, Eisenlager, Tabasa, Radio Japan, Radio Germany, Experimental, Avant Garde, Electronic, Ambient, Sound art, Soundscape, Japan, Germany, Collaboration label: Petroglyph-music https://petroglyphmusic.com/ Eisenlager (based in Germany) and Tabasa (Based in Japan) … Continue reading

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Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – No Tricks

Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo title: No Tricks keywords: DIY, experimental, analogue, synthezisers, avant-garde, electro, fieldrecordings, lo-fi, outsider music, singer songwriter, Krakov label; Weakie Discs https://weakiediscs.bandcamp.com If you want to be impressed with the coolest and I sanest originality in music … Continue reading

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gapeArson – starr catcher

Artist: gapeArson title: starr catcher keywords: lsdj, game boy, k9d, gp2x, idm, ibm, intelligent bit music, chiptune,avant-garde,san Francisco, lobit label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/ Let’s travel back in time to experience the music and the sound of pure awesomeness. Are you ready … Continue reading

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Marie Davidson – Un Autre Voyage

Artist: Marie Davidson title: Un Autre Voyage keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, avant-garde, drone, uncategorizable, Austin Label: Holodeck Records within an instant Marie attaches synthesized music with an electronic beat to the brain of the lucky listener. With perfect skill and … Continue reading

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Artists: REZEEGTUNK x PISSDEADS title: Split cat:FSCD22 format: CD keywords: noise, grind, split, experimental, avant-garde, free improvisaton, Panama City label: Fork and Spoon Records http://forkandspoonrecordings.bandcamp.com We fall in a drastic hole that drains us straight into a downright spiral. This … Continue reading

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Remo De Vico – Pitch Bender Schubert

artist: Remo De Vico title: Pitch Bender Schubert keywords: experimental, pitch bender, remo de vico, schubert ,acousmatic ,tape music, avant-garde, electroacoustic, experiemental, Cosenza reviewer: Willem van O. The Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert might have died at the age of … Continue reading

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Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin

artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin keywords: expérimental, avant-garde, cabaret, dark, psychedelic, singer, pumpkins, songwriter, fish, lofi label: Electric Phantom http://www.electric-phantom.com if you had been strolling around the weird corners of the internet, you might have come across the curiously interesting world of … Continue reading

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il culo di Mario – All you can Hitler

artist: il culo di Mario title: All you can Hitler keywords: alternative, psychedelic, pop, avant-garde, expérimental, lo-fi, noise pop, Milan, Italy, video Il culo di Mario aka The most popular band from Milan, Italy has returned to Yeah I Know … Continue reading

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Autharktos – God Speed

Artist: Autharktos title: God Speed keywords: ambient, avant-garde, diy, experimental, lo-fi, noise, lraut, leftfield, microtonal, outsider music, psychotic, techno, Estonia ‘God speed’ is to me a title that suggest something speedy like the speed of a ray of light, but … Continue reading

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