Consumer – rB>C

artist: Consumer
title: rB>C
cat: SDM-010
format: tape / digital
keywords: expérimental, noise, avant-garde, beats, disco, electronic, house-hop, soul-trash, industrial, loop, the best possible insane music out there!!
label: SadoDaMascus

This is a review of a cassette of Consumer’s new album, rB>C.
It contains 10 weird tracks but let us start with the first one. Who is that? It’s ‘Topsy Turvy’! What is it? Next to it being the first track on this fantastic album, it is also a good trendsetter for if you are in the mood for some good fun. We hear jolly good loopy singing teaming up with a distorted beat moving us all up in a psychedelic highlight.

This mood exceeds several levels of instant insanity by going for a wild ride that is listening to the massive bonkers tune ‘cyan magenta yellow’. This track is so wicked and original and freaking massive in psychedelic electro punk madness that I feel like sharing it with all my friends until it will drive everyone completely nuts! This track is the tune you can wake me up for as it just plugs itself in your pleasure center and than turns the world successfully upside down the good way!

‘Hand out a car window’ is still as bonkers as it can get; probably made on a genius coctail of illegal medications and a fine liver destroying layer of uplifting alcohol. It goes smoothly into a track called ‘comet caste’ which gives the music the right feel and mood to simply lift us all from the ground as if we are shooting stars launching us into the greater galaxy of Space-out ness. Just follow the electronic flow and get beamed up by some drunk Scotty if you can’t find your inner rocket. Absolutely cool stuff.

When the music made its consumers so high, it might be the perfect time to rock out on the manic craziness of ‘window pains’, which contains freaking music that you have to hear and hear again, just to be sure you are actually hearing it. Only to fall into the newly hyped up insanity of a great form of spastic fun sounding piece of experimental mentalism called ‘life hammer’. I feel like giggling, riding a rodeo on laughing gas and screaming ‘beep beep’ like roadrunner from pure enthusiasm!

‘Heartless Herbert Spencer’ brings a dreamy element to this excellent experience. There are space sounds, the rhythmic vocals coming straight from the funny side of a lunatic asylum and the sizzling sizzles of God knows what.

Then we can hear a male voice whaling while a choir of ‘lala’ angels let their tongues vibrate in perfect harmony with the freaky stuff. The end drives us all in to a noisy outburst of mental expression which is like experiencing teacups on the rage for anarchy!

It fits perfect with the tea kettle whistle and bee that starts up the track called ‘torque’. After this a chill beat pops up to team up with a song delivered in a alien language that is pretty special to say the least.

‘Snidely whiplash’ is the last tune on this excellent and probably most enjoyable album that had entered my ears for a long, long time. The vocals go all funky, like they are pretending to be guitars played by mouses until the hip hip-hop rock bizarro starts to hit the right elements to create a huge banger of a tune to solidly seal this record into perfectionism.

Probably the best album you will hear at this very moment in time, so don’t get anything in your way to get this one in your possession! It’s absolutely completely bonkers and goes out with a brilliant slapstick of bitch slaps, laughs, screaming, telephone calls, car crashes and police sirens! Your own heartbeat can’t beat this shit! Get this album right the f#ck now! Highly recommended! Here it is the album you must have or at least hear once before you die:

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