Autharktos – Static

Artist: Autharktos
title: Static
keywords: ambient, avant-garde, dance, drone, experimental, leftfield, lo-fi, techno, noise, electronic, improvised, industrial, kraut

This album starts with a very smooth sounding track named ‘2rdnpura’. It comes across as a massage method of soft programmed and controlled static, that knows how to provide certain calmness to the listening session. A really nice start that gets the shoulders loosened up and the ears relaxed in order to receive more.

And lucky for all of us the release provides another track named ‘291delia’. It is a perfect take over for the flexible muscles as this experiment is highly evolved around a beat. A fine rhythmic experiment that is a pleasure to hear, especially with the warm loving dusty crackles that appear at times and the deep warmth of the receptive looping ambient backdrop. When you are into it you will be feeling hypnotized which is a perfect state to embrace the funky psychedelic accentuating electro funk lasers. Let the groove take you and feel the acid vibes whiteout acid, perfectly safe and bad trip free!

Carpe Diem Huiabellas is taking this spaced out trance state even deeper and further. The most prominent tools are two different main rhythms, a little hymn and plenty of lasers that sweep the tune up like a voyage through a technoid galaxy.

Crustmagnona is like a good reunion of the more massaging sound that the artist provided at the very beginning, carefully mixed with an uptempo vibe from the spaced out future. It’s a good mix, leaving us relaxed while at the same time it keeps the energy going.

Then it’s time for ‘Doggs’ a very tripped out slumbering sounding track that takes a seemingly simple approach but is done with such a restraint and eye for the slightest detail that it’s almost like a booby trap. You are walking in it with your bare feet and before realizing; the trap closes in and you are surrounded by the incredible experimental sounds of a slumbering psychedelic nature.

Melkk’ is one track that doesn’t camouflage itself as it’s a proud intelligent chapter of relaxed and sophisticated craziness. In another universe this would be the soundtrack for Alice in Wonderland mad hatter unbirthday part. It has a samba feeling mixed with bizarreness that is calm and structures like a long slide in a swing. You can feel the wind in your face as the artists pushes us up and down and a strange parrot sits on our shoulders letting out the occasional squeak.

The next track is ‘reft’ and has this very nice sounding warm depth deep below the slight free avant garde-ish drumming. It’s like being in a boiler room of a space ship where the artist presents jazz music for the new space ages.

Shaft Attakk’ is an uplifting piece of experimental stop and start drum loop freakery. It would be the perfect track to play at a house rave making the party people confused as they will doubt if they are really hearing this or that it’s their party boost that is to blame. Fun!

The last track on this release is ‘LetterL’ and is probably the most bombastic tune on this collection. It boosts the acid vibe without ever touching upon a beat, but is as effective as the most psychedelic techno that must be out there somewhere. It’s funky, distorted and freakish. A good ending that shows one more time that Autharktos knows how to work out the mind with minimal tools but full effect.

You can hear this fine freakiness of a release over here:

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