Bindanox – Total Freedom

artist: Bindanox
title: Total Freedom
cat: Hfr042
keywords: electro, electronic, drum, bass, Ipswich, Binda, Housefly records
label: Housefly Records
reviewer: nobody

Housefly has been emailing us. Check this release out by Bindanox.
Housefly got no answer and mailed again. Check out this release by Bindanox.

Of course someone in our office checked out the release by Bindanox , but as you sometimes do; the person got lost for words by hearing it. The second attempt didn’t work either, no words had come in to make some readable review for it.
And now? Now it’s my turn and to be honest I’ve listened to this Bindanox release and… Yep, no words… I too have no words for it.

Of course I can write some words: table, spoon, fork, cupboard, sailboat… But those specific words do not have anything to do with this release. It’s a real pity as this release by Bindanox actually sound pretty good, just have no idea what words I need to do it Justice in a review.

Horrible is it, this dilemma of a wordless reviewer.. Without words a review would honestly just be a blank space.. Luckily I have a genuine skill to write around the words that I’m so lost for; leaving enough other words on this space to make this post look like a review..
Pretty smart, eh? Or dumb, whatever your opinion is.

Still without a review with the words that are needed to say something about this release, might I suggest that you hear this release with your own ears? If you get some words into your brain that could be handy to future readers here that want to know what to expect, or even words that could help the artist out by knowing if something is good or not, please don’t be afraid to leave those words (or a complete review for this release) in the comment section. It is appreciated. Go and check it out:

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1 Response to Bindanox – Total Freedom

  1. Bindanox says:

    Thank you you for the review.Really appreciate the effort.

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