Eisenlager & IDTAL – 2 Tracks

Artist: Eisenlager & IDTAL
title: 2 Tracks
keywords: electronic experimental netlabel ambient post-rock Belgium
label: GodHatesGodRecords https://godhatesgodrecordsrefuseresist.bandcamp.com/

In a sound world in which seemingly everything is out of tune and odd; all the weirdness becomes normal. The first track on this release is such a ‘normality’ of in fact bizarreness that it kindly seems to have blocked all things normal, so it can be in fact the new ‘normal’, while obviously being the polar opposite from what we would think when listening to it from a normal every day outside view. Can you still follow me?

This music needs you to switch off from normal perceptions of life, sound and music, and when you do ‘the new normal’ becomes not only very interesting, it also becomes soothingly odd and calm. It’s a similar effect of your ears being caterpillars and then becoming a butterfly; just spread the wings on this mysterious deep music that is far removed from what you have been fed at music classes, more relative to the intake of products for hallucinating effects…

The more you accept and settle in, the nicer and intensive the beauty in this new normal becomes. Beautiful ‘normal’ strings, ‘normal’ indescribable atmospheric music things that are so ‘normal’ that it makes you and your average music collection into a complete weirdo.

The next level of brand new ‘normality’ is perhaps even a step in deeper in the extreme new normal. It’s a very interesting experience when looked from an abnormal point of view. The normal percussion, the normal piano bits, the indescribable normal sounds that I can’t decipher, the distorted normality of it all; it’s absolutely bizarre!

But from whatever perspective it is that you hear this music, it for sure is something of a trip, a normal or abnormal sound case of avant-garde proportions so good that you might as well light up a candle and dedicate your entire life towards it. Open your mind, forget all the music rules and tune into a completely new perception at the following link:

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1 Response to Eisenlager & IDTAL – 2 Tracks

  1. Sherocks moles says:

    Got interrupted six times for researching two songs and still did not find a chicken. I feel researching might take longer than expected. But I’ll keep it up, perhaps have to stretch out my search for poisoned poultry to multiple days 😦 I hope to continue the quest in a few hours.

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