Yogo Yolk – Bohemian Serenade

Artist: Yogo Yolk
Title: Bohemian Serenade
Keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, disco, psychedelic, triphop

Yogo Yolk has this eclectic little EP sitting on her bandcamp account which fits the style of one of her fun live video: A video in which Yogo Yolk can be seen in action, playing an instrument while clearly being in her element. The smoke effect is also a favorite among the YouTube commenters, clearly hoping that the smoke ‘machine’ will also blow some in their direction.

This EP plugs into this feeling; one that you can hear the pleasure of the artist in from making it. It for sure is electric, coming with freshness in synthesizer sounds & groovy percussion to move your head with in a jolly fashion. There is the funk, the lovely diarrhea bass, the hippy shaker, the feel-good lightweight guitar; it’s the music that transports a boring place into a swinging gypsy tent.

Yogo Yolk’s fun waves itself into the music, as if it’s an extra bonus instrument, an invisible but fully unmissable layer that creates a comfy intimate party. I think that’s what makes these tracks so special, it’s the soundtrack you would expect to hear at a private feast at that cool friend’s house who always plays music to get us all in a jolly dance mood, & wants you to ask the question ‘who is this?’ & ‘what is it you are spinning right now?’ But just never ask as you don’t want to come across as an idiot with laughable music knowledge.

But thanks to the following link, Yogo Yolk and you being here reading YIKIS, you too can be that cool person! Perhaps even throw your own miniature party and invite that cool friend to feel secured that this person will feel the same as you. That is (of course) if this person isn’t already next level cool to actually know about the music of Yogo Yolk; anyway, it’s worth the try! Besides if so; you both be the coolest music selectors in your own miniature worlds!

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