Alex Spalding – Feelings

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Artist: Alex Spalding
Title: Feelings
Keywords: electronica
Label: Sirona-Records ?

It doesn’t happen often that we feature a review for a future release. Not that they don’t send us things before they come out, but mostly because we can’t be bothered reviewing them. I mean it’s like the artist or label just need someone to write some stuff so they can quote it in their all mass press mailings. I mean fine, but what’s in it for the readers who are all lubricated enough to get that album, only to find out that it isn’t even out.

anyway the reasons for this exception today is that this release is on my hard disk spinning all night and day, I have no internet at the moment (don’t ask me how I am able to be here writing to you) and the artist in question is a true Yeah I Know It Suckser. His name you might have seen above as it is indeed the one and only Alex Spalding.

The release in question is a very special one. It is called ‘Feelings’ and there is a complicated yet personal and very private story to it. Unfortunately this is not a private email that you are reading but a open public post on a reasonably visited shitty blog; so uhm nope you ain’t seeing any details or other juicy gossip coming out of my fingertips over here.

What I can tell you is that it hopefully will be released through the quality netlabel Sirona-Records, and until that day will come we are all invited to sit in front of our computer screen like a puppy waiting for the arrival of its owner. … Nah, okay that doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, so perhaps let’s continue reading as we sneaky bastards have managed to get our hands and ears already dirty from listening to Alex Spalding’s ‘Feelings’, so prepare to enjoy salt being brushed in a open wound when you can read about something we have, and you (temporary) don’t. πŸ˜€

‘Feelings’ start like all feelings would start, with a tingling sensation, a sense that something is going to happen or is already happening. In this case we hear an introduction track. It gives us time to match the state of mind that the musician is in, or perhaps is a good opportunity to leave our own feelings of the moment outside so we can hear Alex’s feelings fresh and pure. Soft synths are introduced with bell like lightness that seems to clear the sky from clouds and leaves us with a look of a blue horizon.

Now the sun comes and we can feel love shining through and golden dust sparkles falling down from the air. This is the result of listening to the extended version of the ‘Feelings’ tune, a really nice and pretty warm loving electronica track that feels as if it is glowing, and has no difficulty whatsoever to be absorbed by any well willing heart that is open enough to receive it. It has synthetic depth with enough cool fresh air like a tasty ice-cream on a hot to handle day.

The original ‘Feelings’ is one made out of butterfly’s that dance in the stomach. What are these ‘Feelings’ of Alex Spalding reminding me off? The butterflies roll around while they flap their heart shaped wings as if they are in a washing machine. It is a exciting feeling that feels good, addictive and happy. The birds are singing, the weather is good and everything we do is seen and heard through a pair of thick pink glasses. The beat is kicking and the music makes us float as being on a overdose of natural endorphins.

What to do with these ‘Feelings’ and how to answer them? A moment of thinking of thoughts about these feelings, and perhaps having doubts if inviting these butterflies was such a good idea is being felt in the last track called ‘Low’. It is not only a track of thinking and over thinking and slight worrying about the option that these butterflies and golden sunshine sparkles might inflict troubles or hurt somewhere, but it’s also a track that feels as an acting ‘low’. Don’t do nothing, leave it and live it; enjoy the moment and use and abuse it in a creative way.

A lot of vague descriptions in this review, but as we all know ‘Feelings’ aren’t the easiest thing to describe or even just talk about. And when they are transcoded in electronic music it isn’t any exception either.
Now let’s hold hands and hope that Sirona-Records can satisfy our hopeful feelings by releasing Alex Spalding’s feelings out into the World Wide Web. <- watch this space!

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5 Responses to Alex Spalding – Feelings

  1. Linda says:

    There’s such a high frequency of reviews on this blog; I simply cannot keep up! And now there is even reviews of not-yet-being-there-releases (well, plenty of releases not-really-being-there but that is a different kind of being, a state of mind being).
    In all my craze trying to keep up, I often click the link to the subject being reviewed first, then read the review while listening. This time I followed the link and I swirled and I flipped and I clicked and I looked and mouse-overed and looked at pictures but in vain. Looked like the label had no feelings and I was at disappoint.

    OK, have a look at the review again, maybe I clicked the wrong link… Ah! it’s not out yet, that explains everything!! *facepalm*
    And with all the flip-search-browse-clicking I did come across plenty of nice recordings expressing all kind of feelings. Intoxicated chicken in space made me happy and now I’m floating around in magma. Which will last for more than an hour. So, if you please do not review so fast, then I maybe find the time to appreciate all these musical feelings! πŸ˜‰

    • kainobuko says:

      Thanks Linda, for sharing a flight to space with that chicken. That really made it all the extra sparkly! πŸ™‚ I understand about the rapid speed of lightening intimidated flow of reviews that are popping up but personally it’s like ‘write like hell’ before a block comes of non words or before accidentally slipping over a banana peel while climbing a glass mountain under the influence of mermaids on the rocks… write like a maniac cause we (i presume i’m not the only one here) are living on the edge! πŸ˜€ ❀

  2. Linda says:

    Reading the review, it seems Alex is going through a heavy period. All my best Alex. After every valley comes a mountain and it all depends whether you like climbing mountains or riding on roller skates for what you like best, or what makes you feel the worst πŸ™‚

    • Linda says:

      Nice one! It starts of as the feelings of 2:30 am (or later, when you don’t know the time anymore) in the middle of the dancefloor and with every new mix it takes up more and more of the weekend. Including the loungy after-party-low on a Sunday afternoon. πŸ™‚

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