The Wok – Pop & Gum

Artist: The Wok
title: Pop & Gum
keywords: 80s, ambient, experimental, folk, industrial, jazz, rock, eighties, electronica, modern jazz, orchestral, pop, piano, synthesizer, synthpop, synthwave, Ireland

Cooking with the wok has never been so pleasurable. Just put on the wok’s Pop & Gum and start to enjoy the kitchen bowls, stir with spoons and boil mushrooms of pleasure. With the Wok’s fine music keeping the kitchen atmosphere in a clean and perfect ambiance, we might feel as if we are in a vacuum of retro heaven. My brain lifts up to the feel good memories of one of those old CD’s that has been played over and over again featuring the ‘synthesizer hits’. I remember Jarre, Vangelis and that tune of Axel F… But I do not remember anyone making music that fits so perfectly with bowls of mushrooms. The Wok really compliments this moment, making the kitchen time in a form of heaven that you probably won’t find in the other heaven. Unless they have mushrooms and bowls and kitchens in the other heaven of course..

The Wok is bringing excellent complimentary music for moments on this album. After hearing a perfect theme for bowls of mushrooms and modern living, the second track sets the time still and takes our ears for a fine treatment of calmness. It’s like being in a busy life of flying and running and then suddenly enjoys the most amazing flavor of an apple pie. You will not run or think of work and other stress related things; but suddenly stand still to enjoy the flavor. Let it go around your mouth, melt it on your tongue and feel the structure sliding down the neck. This might be music by The Wok, but it has simply the same effect as this delicious apple pie moment. Stress relieving, calming and a bit of a break for all the hastiness of our lives.

The third track on this pleasant album is one named ‘I Was Fooled Into Purchasing Curdled Produce’ and sounds a bit different in its take on music. It has this pleasant electronic sound that plays its melody that is a bit of a melodramatic kind, but the retro slap bass is a bit more like a comedic clown that dances on bowling shoes as if the drama that had triggered the music is a little tool of sarcasm.

But do not pull a sad face as the next track is one of those happy complimentary works that the Wok really seemed to be an expert in. This one is as the title is suggesting a melodic easy happy go lucky theme song that would be a perfect match for when leaving the hair salon with a brand new haircut. You feel fresh, proud, much younger and you want to kiss and hug the world!

I have never been in Arizona but when going or being in Arizona it is recommended to listen to the track of the same name of The Wok. It must be like heaven to be in Arizona, or to know Arizona and hear Arizona being captured as a sentimental form of music. It is intense with a string section that gives an emotional but friendly atmosphere to the more programmed sounding music. It is like listening to someone who loves Arizona and thinks about it with good memories.

The Wok is really amazing in producing complimentary music pieces. In the track named ‘We Like Large Boats (And So Do You)’ you can basically not love large boats as the Wok makes it sound impossible to dislike large boats.  The melodic piece fits private sailors, motorboat owners, yachts that go for beautiful trips on the waters for recreational purposes. The boats slide in the water, the sun shines bright and everything is happy and relaxed.

Some of the complimentary music tracks are difficult to be listened in the attended form of compliment. Imagine climbing up the mount Everest and than go for a candlelit breakfast with the rewarding complimentary music of The Wok on the background. It will be a triple dose of euphoria to hear and eat on top of that uneasy hill; but it will be the ultimate thing to do before you’ll die! So if you ever have plans to climb up the Everest; don’t forget to bring the complimentary music by The Wok with you (and candles & breakfast!). It feels a bit of a cheat to listen without doing the achievement; but listening to it without going for the climb is already a pleasure on its own.

The Wok keeps surprising in perfect compliments in music. The ‘Rainforest Blues’ is such a relaxed and rainforest sounding relaxed instrumental piece that you just want to travel to the rainforest and play it for the rainforest itself. I’m sure the rainforest will enjoy absorbing it!

The last track of the Pop & Gum by The Wok is feeding our ears the secret knowledge of old carpets. It basically explores the secretive music that can be heard when sniffing old carpets with your ears.
But kids as The Wok is; you don’t need to sniff them no more as this composer of complimentary music pieces has sniffed so many old carpets that it knows exactly how the mysterious rhythms go and adds the perfect balanced out synthetic prettiness that old carpets and even younger ones would enjoy hearing. I strongly feel ashamed not to have an old carpet at hand now as this piece of music really makes me want to roll on a carpet and taste its flavor while The Wok compliments this action with the perfect music.

Pop & Gun is an album full of complimentary music that can be seen as dog cookies but than for human ears. You can enjoy them without doing anything for it, or you can go for a challenge and listen to each complimentary track as a rewarding reward. Get this album over here and receive your compliments:

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