Alex Spalding – Cupid’s Basin

Artist: Alex Spalding
Title: Cupid’s Basin
keywords: ambient, coldwave, cyber-acoustics, electro, electronic, experimental, gloomwave, industrial, post-punk, post-wave, Kansas City
label: X O S Musick

Walking through a rainbow waterfall (described in the dictionary as a rainbow that consists of other rainbows that slide down the bow) is a bit like the first track on this bits and pieces album by someone we have never heard off; Alex Spalding.

It’s very short, but just as in real life it seems fit ; it doesn’t take long to walk through a veil of rainbows, does it? Especially when you are in a hurry, to obtain the possible pot of gold.

But in the case of this release we don’t see a pot of gold, but face the hard truth of a strange yet bizarre grooviness that this to us unknown artist had named ‘C’. It sounds as night-owls doing a fanatic cleaning day, you know swiftly sweeping their nests, calling out to other night-owls for a possible helping hand. Even the skin of the night-owls themselves seems to get a good scrub; feathers up and add some soap!

But as always, music evolves as well as dirt evolves into cleanness when cleaning it the right way. The music part is very chilled and warm; you can just imagine the night-owls happily enjoying the newly swept floors, the dust free tree branches and smell of bubble gum soap.

Than the best thing happens; U.
U are everything and everything is U.
In this case ‘U’ is an absolutely wonderful piece of electronica, very Classic in a sense that it reminds me of the classics that would fit nicely on either a warm warp or pretty Rephlex compilation. It has these analogue synth sounds of fine retrospect, making love to the ears that it so lovingly penetrates.

Than we have ‘P’ which starts like a loving love making machine that has sufficient lubricant and oil to keep the industrial presses rolling and humping. After the first segment it’s launching itself into cigarette mode with a acid tobacco mix. A nice stimulant and reward after the love machine and it makes perfect way for some romantic baselines and lightweight piano-ish romance. A sweet melodic piece erupts and it’s the music to hold on to, embrace and cuddle up. Nice and slow until a new segment fades itself in; whispering fresh liquid sounding electronica in the ears like lush sounding poetry for fore and after play services. Another piece flips in bringing a orgasmic heaven followed by a somewhat delusional drunkenness. Perhaps there was too much blood going to the sexual organs and a shortage in the brain recreates some kind of pleasant drunkenness. Happy ending music erupts and with a satisfied listening experience we can take a well-deserved break in something entirely different.

This is ‘I’. And I is You, or perhaps not. I is in this case a track that sounds very unlike the other things that I’ve not come across from this artist. I is however a very short track, so not sure if Alex Spalding was liking it or in fact was shocked by how different it sounded himself that he abandoned ship in a what seems like rapid speed. I do like I, it’s sounds more post-rock, post-industrial, post-wave, post-man, post-pigeon..

When it is finished, Alex Spalding comes up with ‘D’. As most of us know D is the fourth letter of the alphabet and the fifth in Spalding. It is also the fourth and final letter in the word ‘Cupid’. Isn’t D marvelous?
Where I was very short, D is very long. It starts very fresh, eighties love is being spooned up and reciprocated in a danceable tune that will compliment oversized shoulder pads and freaky mullets. A baseline does some excellent grooviness, beats are inviting you over and synthesizer pleasure is a pure joy and most notably sounding like the real thing. Just imagine ‘Blossom’ or the full crew of ‘Full House’ grooving out on this fine music. All kinds of dance moves are possible, from bubblegum jumps to high kicks!

A lovely mystery break attends, and it’s wonderful. I feel like being in a pink room with delicious free available lollipops, chop chewy and a portal to the bubbly bobbly music of soulful sexy dance music. Everything start to sound so grand here; pretty synthesizer works, lovely mellow melodies and rhythmic elements ready to be picked up and stamped in friend diaries. But it really gets a top notch further when a fanatic but nicely damped sounding breakbeat gently slams it’s way in! Now my ears are in heaven; flotating on nice music and tickled by the drums all ears love. The music transforms multiple times, but it happens at this moment so frequently that I can’t even report on it; it’s exciting, as even though it seems to fit together; it’s one big unsuspected turn after the other. It’s like a Alex Spalding deejaying Alex Spalding tunes, providing entertainment and diversity in a pleasurable game of electronic dance music.

U and I are very small’ is my personal favorite on this release, it sounds so soulful and honest. It’s dream music to my ears. Everything is friendly, laid-back and at ease; it’s the music you hear when you come together with someone you love for the first time; the music that you hear when the time is standing still.

Than we have a lovely uplifting tune that totally does it’s best to shoot some positive lasers in the back to find a place to breathe again. It’s like being in a pleasant underwater world and your body going up towards the surface instead of going down to drown at the bottom. Higher we go and the more mythical the journey becomes. The final stop is enlightenment which comes in the shape and form of a track named ‘Oberon’. Let this beautiful ending be a beautiful beginning as you are invited to turn in at the following link:

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1 Response to Alex Spalding – Cupid’s Basin

  1. Linda says:

    Very nice album, mr Spalding!

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