Jesus the Carpenter – Jesus Loves You

artist: Jesus the Carpenter
title: Jesus Loves You
keywords: experimental acoustic guitar ambient american primitivism avant-garde drone free improvisation minimalism modern classical netlabel noise outsider music
label: Piety Circuit Productions

Jesus The Carpenter (Christophe Bassett) seems to have stopped doing carpentering and picked up a acoustic guitar to bring acoustic instrumental pieces he could play possibly for hours, and if it was possible; I could possibly hear it for hours too. It’s a bit like those Indian masters who play their tropical trips on their snare-like instruments while being in some psychological trance, minus that this is Jesus the Carpenter and his choice of instrument is a typical guitar. Typical or not, Jesus the Carpenter doesn’t play it in a typical way, pulling and picking the strings of the authentic instrument if he feels like it, creating a mood that is far out and pleasant at the same time.

Jesus the Carpenter strums and strokes these strings for possible hours, and by hearing these works you might completely lost the perspective of time and place. Making it the perfect music that would fit the open minded box named ‘world music’. The spirituality punk side of these psychological works come out in the ‘The Return of Shiva ‘ featuring Bradley Pate’s vocals. It’s nice to feel the wind of the environment captures in this musical trip, making it a collaboration of Mother Nature, Jesus the Carpenter and of course Bradley.

The music is open for experiment with Jesus The Carpenter still bending and testing out the guitar sounds, until ways are being brought out of it in ways that might not be schooled at a music education. This is music done with a heart and a human soul, translated by exploring the guitar strings like a monk searching for the right path to Valhalla. The nicest thing with this music is that even though Jesus the Carpenter is obviously not at all afraid to explore and experiment; it’s a generous trip that is easy to be followed by any form of intelligence as well as anyone without. Progressive generously hand played music that heals modern day boredom, silence and a great remedy to escape time.

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