Jack Plug – Calles Verticales

Artist: Jack Plug
title: Calles Verticales
keywords: techno, electronica, psychedelic, trance, descargar disco,
label: Modismo http://www.modismo.cl

Jack Plug pulled out the plug of whatever else was on my listening list. So long suckers’ Jack Plug must have thought when he ripped the cords out, only leaving an invitation to the trip-friendly psychedelia of Calles verticals by… guess who? Jack Plug! It’s a great find though and worth all the sabotage and elite handling by letting this artist skip the cue and the long, long, long, long, longer, longest waiting list ever…

Artists who read this and are waiting for a review for ages; please stay put and count on some more ages to ‘get it done’, alright? All complaints go straight to the bin, see it as a life lesson: life isn’t fair… some have to wait for years, others cheat a bit and are instantly paraded in on a golden plate of preferred praises!

Ah, Welcome Jack Plug!
Come and sit on our golden seat and let YIKIS lick your glorious behind with pure pleasure!
You can’t blame anyone really, we can’t listen to hard rock metal and cowgirl music all day long; eventually we got to cover some quality Descargar Disco, right?

So yes, Jack Plug might have unplugged all the others in front of him; I’m more than happy to hear his so called ‘architecture of the skies’ , or how we call it over here ‘music’. His music is perhaps difficult to define or put in certain genres, that’s why mister Plug goes for a ‘Architecture of the skies’ as a reference, but into my ears it falls nicely in the zone of psychedelic electronica. The kind of style everyone around here loves, yet when they are tasked to write a review about it; they all quickly run away…

It’s understandable as it’s not the music to sit down and stroke the chin and talk whole analyzing stories about it. It’s ‘Calles verticales’ material to put on and get lost in… The beat is there, the bass is nicely presented, the psychedelic stereo effects nicely implanted, samples inserted for a nice spacious human touch and neatly placed high-hats and claps…

It’s the music that easily swallows a person up, turns it into a human rhythm box that will dance in public spaces as well as in private areas. After all that’s the power of this trance-inducing disco music; it’s plugging into the receptors of joy, pulling the listeners muscles like a puppet pushing it into a soothing spacious dance that smells of hallucinations and disco lights. … I will stop licking now so I can move freely to this music. I suggest you skip the licking of Jack Plug’s behind and click the link directly:

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