The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 2

And here it is! The follow up to The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 1 where I have once again mixed tracks from albums that I have reviewed into a lolly bag of joy! Please delve in and explore

Main image by Ruby Nekk

Here are snippets of the reviews and links, please check out the artists and share some love, and of course flick them some dosh (only) if you can afford it!

The YEAH I KNOW IT SUCKS Podcast – Dolly Mix 2 by Corporal Tofulung

Love, The Doll xx

00:20 Leila Adu – [flowers, or die #03] Soothe
“Ms Adu continues the onslaught of truths into our hearts. It’s a bit painful to lie there with our chests open as the song pours in but once again there is no way to escape, even if we wanted to. The thought that occurs is that we can either have flowers, bees, fruit, & food – or we can do nothing, let it all wither away and die as we participate in the systematic destruction of everything we rely on for life.”

04:20 Tofujuice – Are We Not But Cicada Husks Clinging To All We Used To Be?
“The cover art is a photograph of a discarded cicada skin on a tree and this delicate track by TOFUJUICE starts out just the same way, crisp, clear and haunting notes on top of a distant drum. We hear the call but we feel fragile, we are suspended somewhere between memory and recognition. It’s as if we don’t feel as brave as the cicada, we are unable to fully let go of what has been, what we have been.”

10:25 Blessed Blood – [Untitled Album #01] Liquefaction
“As soon as ‘Liquefaction’ starts we feel the hypnotic pull of voices calling to us to join them and add our tones to the droner choir. Low repetitive sounds shimmer by like cars crossing the Aurora Bridge. One of the voices starts a wolfish call and then a siren starts to sing, luring us closer into the spectral vocal embrace. There’s no turning back now and we submit to our drone rulers as the darkness of sleep cocoons us. We are curled up in the womb of a goddess, nurtured by sacred blood. Our limbs lose their strength and relax in safety.”

17:00 Despicable Zee – Zahra Haji Fath Ali Tehrani – [Atigheh – عتیقه #05] Atigheh
“The title track ‘Atigheh’ has started to wrap it’s tendrils around us and we are utterly charmed by the languid yet uplifting vibe. Then suddenly the vocals begin to soar around us, bouncing off hills and through the valleys. We are inside a paradise that we never want to leave. The drum drives through our bodies, hammering at us like repoussé, freezing us in place, arms outstretched, hearts completely open to whatever Despicable Zee wants to say, feel, or share with us.”

21:00 Backxwash – Black Magic (Produced By Backxwash)
“We can feel the depth of Backxwash’s emotion as it fills us up and swells in our chests. We are completely under her spell and hang on to every word, we hear the pain and the struggle and the anger and the strength that it takes to fight back. She has a searing way with words, twisting and turning them into wholly new visual pictures inside our brains. ‘Black Magic’ ends with a shimmering hiss moving from one ear to the other, this track is now permanently impressed into our skulls.”

24:35 sylken somers – [Prone #01] Tenderhead Tenderheart
“There is a rustle as ‘Tenderhead Tenderheart’ starts and now a sweet pulsing and the beautiful voice of Sylken Somers drifts into my blissed-out world. There is a pause, a rustle (or is it the trickle of water?) and I feel as if I could wait forever for the song to start again. The break was so short, less than a second or so, but it held me spellbound and on edge. Now, completely wide awake, I paddle my way to the edge of the pool to crank up this slice of aural paradise. Surely it can go louder than 10?!”

28:25 The Kendal Mintcake – [(always in a straight line, from centre to edge) #03] III
“Just in time TKM points at a gleam of light in the distance, quick! kick as hard as you can, using the speedy pulsing sounds to propel you, just like people in rows on machines at the gym. Yes! We burst through with a great splash, our trip is at the halfway point, which is a great factory full of sonic mini-jackhammers pounding on copper sheets. This is not just senseless manufacturing for capital gain, no, they are creating one-of-a-kind artworks that will be put up in public places for all to enjoy. Sound polishers circle around, buffing everything to a pinkish shine, then the artworks are carried outside and given away to waiting crowds.”

32:30 DJ OBOE – [DJ OBOE #02] WHUNKY
“A beat like a bouncing basketball drives us skywards, the neck brace is useless now, we need full body braces. It’s like being on the moon, struggling against weightlessness & zero gravity. Obviously, the only option is to let go, I mean, what else have you got to do, right? We say that you should take a break from the Self Isolation Blues and hit cruise control, let DJ OBOE take the wheel. You can trust him, we promise…”

36:35 Covolux – [Bloom #01] Life
“‘Life’ begins with an achingly sweet handful of tones, strewn like petals around our bare feet as we take our first steps into this aural paradise. Some of us throw ourselves down on the ground and move our arms and legs to make Petal Angels, others stand stock-still, unable to move at all. Life is beguiling, enchanting, we can hear a tiny sound each time a blossom sheds, even quieter than a pin drop.”

39:30 kate can wait – [Veraniegas #01] green greenz
“The opening track ‘green greenz’ simply bristles with brightness and rejuvenation and fills us with a longing to be able to escape from self-isolation and into a huge vegetable garden full of friendly animals, humans, and plants. We follow the guitar as it picks its way down the rows of golden corn and leads us into the sweetness of ‘sal & oro’ which makes us turn our faces to the sky and let the gentle rays caress us. Enchanting voices surround us and we all look at one another, smiling.”

43:05 vylter – [v sea #04] beachin’ harmonica
“vylter is now playing the harmonica in the water, thigh-deep as the waves pulse around, almost swallowing our musician friend. But vylter is undefeated and stands strong against the tide and blows even harder, like a ship at sea sounding the fog horn. We open our eyes to find that we are now lying on the floor in our kitchen/lounge – How did this happen? How is it that we were magically transported in reality just as in our half-waking dream?”

44:35 Dusty Mantle – [In The House #03] Meat Locker
“Dusty chortles to himself as he works to get it ready for us to come in. The white noise calms us and we watch all of the tiny agitated particles floating around in the sunlight. The tones of the vacuum rise and fall like waves, we are in our Happy Place. He’s done a brilliant job and now the room is sparkling clean and go in and poke around for a second but then we’re off to the Meat Locker…”


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